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I have been beating the computer keyboard hour after hour for the past four months! It feels wonderful to have writen “The End”.

The relationship of Colt and Frankie from Hearts At Risk deepens in this book, but Shauna Lee Holt and Brad Johnson take front stage as the main characters.

Shauna Lee Holt hides behind the barricade that she has erected around herself over the past 20 years. Intimacy is something she has refused to allow into her world. Her attitude has been nothing serious, no strings attached, and no risks.

Along comes Brad Johnson who would ordinarily run a country mile from the woman she appears to be. He finds himself attracted to her in spite of the messages that she sends out, but he wants intimacy and a long lasting commitment.

He refuses to play her shallow game. He believes a loving person hides behind her facade. Can he free her from a past that still holds her captive and help her believe it too?


“I’m looking for a warm safe place
To feel your hand on my face
Let the past roll off of my back
Baby let’s not talk about that
I just wanna make it through the night
Lock the door and hide away
I’m looking for a warm safe place.”

One day when my husband and I were travelling last fall, I caught the words of a song by Aaron Prichette called “A Safe Warm Place.” I instantly felt that it was Shauna Lee’s song; her story.

It still is her story, but when I went through the book making my final edits I realized that this work of fiction is also about other characters in it getting “A Second Chance” in life.

Now I am indecisive about the title I should use for this book. Decisions, Decisions! I think I will ask some of my friends!

Hearts at Risk book signing this Friday


Gloria Antypowich with her book at a craft fair held at the Elks Hall last fall.

Gaeil Farrar photo
Published: February 09, 2012 7:00 AM

Horsefly resident Gloria Antypowich will sign copies of her first book Hearts at Risk this Friday, Feb. 10 at Save-On Foods from 1 to 4 p.m.

Although she has been involved in farming and ranching most of her life, Gloria says her cowboy romance novel is in no way a reflection of her own life experiences. “It’s not my story, its totally fiction,” Gloria says.

In this romantic novel veterinarian Franke Lamonte flees her shattered life as a veterinarian in Alberta and finds the solitude she needs to heal in the anonymity of working as a ranch hand in the Cypress Hills of Southern Saskatchewan.

All is going well until Colt Thompson roars onto the scene and the sparks fly from every direction.

Gloria says she self- published the book last year and is very happy to have already recouped her investment.

“Just today I met two people who said they read my book and just loved it,” Antypowich says. “That’s music to a writer’s ears.”

Gloria grew up on a farm in Alberta and set the story in the Saskatchewan’s Cypress Hills because they have always fascinated her.

Gloria says she didn’t draft out a story line for the book, just let it evolve. “Sometimes the story takes over, the people become real and the story just grows,” Gloria says.

For a number of years Gloria and her husband Lloyd farmed near Stettler, Alberta but in 1970 they moved to Elkford because she was asthmatic and needed the fresh mountain air. Lloyd worked at the nearby coal mine, but Lloyd always missed farming.

In 1973 they moved to Horsefly where they raised their four children and are now retired with six grandchildren. Their granddaughter Jennifer Jackson and her fiance Tyler Maitland are featured on the cover of the book.

“My husband was a farmer at heart so as soon as he figured I could handle it we were out of there,” Gloria says of their Elkford days.

Four years ago the couple sold most of their ranch and retired to the 100 acres they kept for their own use. Their daughter Cindy and her husband Gary Isaac built a house on the property which includes a bright daylight suite for the retirees on the ground floor.

“Its been a fabulous arrangement,” Gloria says. They can help with their grandchildren, and both families can take holidays knowing someone is home to take care of the house and animals.

Gloria says she started writing 20 years ago but it wasn’t until she retired and had more time that she started writing seriously. A writer friend had successfully self-published her book and encouraged her to do the same, so she decided to go for it.

With the success of Hearts at Risk Gloria is working on a sequel which she hopes to finish by spring so that she and Lloyd can spend time camping and fishing on Quesnel Lake next summer.

This is a great book. I read it in a few hours. Actually I started it on

a Sunday, towards evening, and then went to bed at 10 pm. I could not

go to sleep because I wanted to finish the book, so I got up and did it.

This book is very close to real life. I am sure every woman can

see herself in some sections of the story. I know I did. It is easy to

read and almost didn`t feel like fiction at all. I just loved it!

S. Laffer; meat cutter and school bus driver and avid reader


“. . . it is hard to imagine this novel is this authors first. This story

is written from the heart, about a heart. This book has adventure,

mystique and an incredible grass roots sensuality. Frankie Lamont

is a very classy, “hot blooded”, vibrant young woman—who can not

hide from the passion of love, even though that is what she thinks

she wants. The author takes the reader along with this reluctant, but fiery

woman, on a journey to a wonderful ending with some tantalizing

sensuality along the way. This is a romance novel that makes the

reader know they cannot wait to read more . . . what other sensuous

scenes and interesting adventures are coming next . . . ?”

Doug Richardson. Consultant, and an avid reader. Doug is

also involved with a small publishing company that is currently

working on a magazine from Paris, France, as well as other smaller

publishing projects.