pink-tootsie-by-t-m-raskinI bought this book at the end of January, 2016. I think I avoided reading it until now, because I knew it would be painful.  Pink Tootsie is a disturbing memoir of an individual whose life was framed by an unstable family life from the cradle into adolescence. When I was reading, there were times that I had to check again to see exactly how old she was when certain things happened, and was shocked to learn that as early as 12 to 16 she was mired in drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, physical and mental abuse by the people she associated with and deep shame over the impulses she couldn’t control.

This book took me into a world that I know exists, but I have utterly no life experience in—and I thank God that I grew up in a home that provided a solid foundation. I have never been exposed to sexual or physical abuse. I have never tried recreational drugs. I wondered repeatedly how she ever survived the extreme drug and alcohol abuse, and remained mentally competent.

I cannot say that I enjoyed the read—BUT, it is good for people (including me) to get a look into this world of pain and sadness. If only the people who start experimenting with drugs, promiscuity and extreme use of alcohol would read this book and understand where it can take them.

I applaud the author for seeking help, for repeatedly getting back up and fighting to overcome the addictions that pushed her back into the horror that she had lived. I was thankful once her mother got her act together, she became responsible and supportive—but she also stood by her rules and exhibited tough love—which had to be heartbreaking for her.

T.M. Raskin, I hope that you have now overcome the devil that drove you for so many years, and can be a help to others who face similar issues. You can be a shining light in the darkness that no human should endure.

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