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This was a great read! A fast-paced suspense thriller that kept me on edge till the end. The plot was FILLED with twists and turns- and a full cadre of characters who are well rounded and exciting.

Andrea Harding has to grow up quickly when her father, Nicolas, and her uncle, Michael are shot. Shortly after someone tries to kill her, and it becomes obvious that someone wants all of the Harding family dead.  But none of them know why. Beth Cowling (Andrea’s grandma Dorothy Harding’s best friend) convinces her daughter Riva to be Andreas legal adviser.

Through Beth, Andrea and Riva are introduced to Deirdre Southington, who is the kind of woman you would want on your side if someone was working against you. She is well trained, fearless and deadly. She used to work for the NSA—now she is a private operative, she still has a lot of contacts in the national security arena, and she has a part-time consulting arrangement with the NSA, so technically, she’s still an agent of the US security apparatus.

This book has so many surprises: Russian mobsters, murder, power, greed, stunning violence, classical music, a refurbished old fashioned railway car, intermingled with interesting historical facts.

I intend to go back and read Book One in the trilogy—The Pharm.  I think I have discovered a new favorite author–Bill Powers.

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