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I love, Love LOVED this book!!
I read alot–and I must confess that I find that many of the books are just time fillers. The night I started Reckless In Texas I was expecting another average book–but holy moly- was I in for a pleasant surprise. I started reading at 6:30 pm and was heavy into finishing at 1:30 the next morning–in fact I skim read the last 4 chapters because I knew I HAD to go to sleep, but I HAD to know what was going to happen. I went back the following day and actually read those chapters word for word.

Even though I hadn’t read Dell’s Bio, I knew that she was right at home in the world she brought to life in the book. The portrayal of the characters and the lifestyle was so authentic and realistic, that I felt like I was there with them as each page turned.

Violet Jacobs and Joe Cassidy were both independent, stubborn individuals, who had enough personal baggage to make them insecure in relationships, and as I read I had to wonder if they’d ever get it all together! Thank God for Joe’s friend, Wyatt Darrington, who had Joe’s back all the way through, and at times interfered without “interfering”–he grabbed a piece of my heart too!

And then there was Violet’s 5-year-old son, Beni, who was just adorable–and in the background his father, Delon Sanchez, who wanted to be footloose and fancy-free, until he perceived Joe to be a threat. Throw in the rest of the Jacobs family and a rodeo stock contracting business that struggled to make ends meet, and Dell created one delightful read.

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