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Johnny Newman had been best buddy with Brandon Cervini, before he died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York. Six years earlier, when Brandon had rescued Susan from an apartment fire, it was as if the God’s had declared that they were meant to be together forever.

Johnny had worshipped her, thought of her constantly, knowing that she could never be his. Then fate had intervened—and Brandon died in the rubble of the tower, September 11, 2001.

Susan had been devastated, and Johnny had been honorable, true to his best friend’s memory. He loved her, but he couldn’t have her.

Two years have passed. Johnny is tormented by his love for Susan and Susan is still lost in her memories. But gradually she has become “aware” of Johnny in a different way, one that she is unwilling to look at.

Susan’s cousin, Melody, had always been there for her. Then she had suddenly disappeared, and although there was no proof, her husband, Zander, believed she was dead. Susan could not accept it, and one day when she received a package that contained a Penguin ornament and a CD that was a new release by Mr Wright. She knew then that Melody was alive and reaching out to Susan. But where was she?

She looked up Mr. Wright on the internet, and decided to go to his concert, convinced that Melody would be there because she had always had a huge crush on the man. Johnny offered to go with her, determined to be there to protect her and help her find Melody.

The plot has several twists and turns, and it is a good read. As it progresses Susan and Johnny grow closer, but can they get past the feeling that they would be betraying Brandon if they acknowledge their love?

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