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This is totally a “feel good” book!!

I loved Callie and Jayce—how they interacted, how they accepted their feelings for each other without too much artificial posturing and fighting, how he supported her and was there when she needed him most, and how he was willing to put what she needed before his own feelings, knowing that he might lose her.

So many books have lots of hot sex that a story line surrounds to support it. Ask Me To Stay has hot sex, passion, and strength in the characters, but the sex is part of the relationship—not the whole reason for the relationship.

Cotton Creek is full of wonderful individuals who interact and support each other—as well as gossiping old ladies who have nothing better to fill their lives than surmise and stir up trouble.
I will be looking for more of this authors works and highly recommend Ask Me To Stay.  You can purchase this book at by clicking here