I enjoyed this book about a woman who has inherited a sixth sense from her father and grandmother.

Veronica (Ronnie)  Williams can see and communicate with spirits of the dead who seek her out. The ability to do so has had painful ramifications for her, and she wants nothing to do with it. She has withdrawn from most of society, shunning relationships because she does not what anyone to know what she experiences.

One particular spirit, Letitia, seeks her out over and over. Finally, Ronnie listens to what it has to say and what it wants her to do. It turns out that Letitia had become involved with evil influences while she was alive and now she wanted to make things right.

Veronica’s grandmother (who also has the sixth sense) encourages her to learn how to use her “gift” to help others. Ronnie helps a co-worker, she meets the man she will love and she rescues someone who has been in the clutches of the same evil that Letitia had become entangled with.  However, sometimes helping leads to different results—joy, anger and feelings of betrayal, even danger to herself.

I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. I certainly do not have this ability—but I have met two people (a man and a woman) who claimed to be able to sense when they met people who were unaware that they were ill, or going to die. I met the man in passing—and he felt that “gift” was actually a curse. I had a long term acquaintance with the woman who had it; as a child, she had been chastised for blurting out what she sensed and she had learned not to say anything. By the time I met her she had accepted her “gift” as part of her life and it was something that she rarely admitted to having, but she lived a relatively normal life. (She had inherited it from her grandmother also.)

This was a good read. It is different. There is mystery, danger (although I was surprised at how the confrontation with evil ended) romance, friendship and a look at a paranormal element that could be seen as a gift or a curse.

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