May 2016

THE HAND OF FATE eBook5.0 out of 5 stars Will Belanger Creek Ranch withstand the dark shades of life?, May 6, 2016
This review is from: The Hand of Fate (The Belanger Creek Ranch Series Book 3) (Kindle Edition)
‘The Hand of Fate’ is 3rd and the best-plotted novel in the Belanger Creek Ranch Series where author Gloria Antypowich smartly throws in fresh twists in the life and relationship of characters on the ranch, testing the bond of trust built among the members over time as one big family.
When time starts to prove itself as the biggest healer for Tim Bates, his destiny takes a sharp turn and pushes him in a situation where his discovery of a photo will prove his belief wrong about his birth leaving him raging and bitter as he was in the past before joining the Cantaur Farm. Tim turns to Christina Holmes for help who is already under the burden of sorrowful suffering from MRHK syndrome which has deprived her of motherhood leaving her marriage to crumble in the past, alarming Christina of heartbreak from the budding relationships of the future.
Are the secrets of Tim and Christina strong enough to shatter their future or the bond of love, trust and relationships in Belanger Creek Ranch prove itself the winner over the dark shades of life?
‘The Hand of Fate’ is genuinely an impressive work of imagination and narration woven into a contemporary romance fiction by author Gloria, which is sure to keep one turning pages of this captivating novel till the very end.
This book is sure to interest all those who believe in love and relationships. Highly recommended for a relaxed vacation for its sheer beauty of imagination and a strong story line.
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Full Circle 3 5 star reviews & award5.0 out of 5 starsThe amazing narration deserves our appreciation.

By Eishinas on May 9, 2016

Format: Paperback

Drama, action and romance is back on ‘The Belanger Creek Ranch’ in full swing but this time with a new appealing character whose life will intervene with Colt and Frank Thompson from Book 1.
When successful accountant and owner of Swift current accounting & bookkeeping Services, ‘Shauna Lee Holt’ is still regretting and cursing herself for letting Colt Thompson slip off her life, destiny plans to bring Brad Johnson in the picture frame of Shauna Lee’s life. Casually introduced to Shauna Lee by Colt Thompson, Brad Johnson senses undeniable attraction towards this strong headed women from the very first sight. With passing time Brad is head over heels in love with Shauna Lee, but her past will bring twist that is to decide the future of their relationship.
Author Gloria Antypowich surely deserves to be appreciated for her unique talent of writing The Belanger Creek Ranch Series which are linked with each other smartly yet making each book a stand alone one. Introducing new characters in each book with their own story to unfold with freshly thrown in twists and turns keeps readers entertained and happy for their choice of picking The Belanger Creek Ranch Series, similarly Full Circle Vol 2 is an amazingly gripping narration which has proved to pull one under the skin of the crafted characters.
This book is bound to make one love and respect the work of author Gloria for her well thought out, spellbinding fiction.
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Chakras -Jodi MorganThis little book holds a wealth of information for anyone who is interested in learning how to balance the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of their beings.
Years ago I meditated regularly, but I let myself get caught up in the physical part of life, and have been guilty of failing to integrate the mental and spiritual phases of my being. Recently, I have been guided time and again to read books that stimulate this desire.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is packed with information: laying out clearly and concisely details about each of the seven main chakras, and providing guidance in simple terms about how to open and activate each one starting at the root chakra and moving up the body through the sacral chakra, the solar plexus/naval chakra, to the heart chakra, the throat chakra, the third-eye chakra to the crown chakra. When they are open and healthy, these 7 chakras are points of energy in our body from which life energy flows.
Jodi Morgan gives the location, color, symbol, mantra, associated animal, for each chakra, as well as telling the reader what it physically governs, mentally governs, and spiritually governs. She explains how it becomes blocked and the symptoms that a blockage exhibits in the body and/or personality. And then she leads the reader through the meditative sequences that will clear those blockages, to heal and open the chakra and allow energy to flow as it should. Regular meditation to keep the chakras open and healthy, and therefore the physical and spiritual body in a relaxed, happy place.
She also explains about the 72,000 energy channels (Nādīs) that connect the chakras and work through our physical body to distribute the life force energy through the whole body. They correspond to the nervous system on the physical level, but beyond the physical, they influence the astral and spiritual planes of our existence. To me, this is the soul.
This is a terrific little book—and if you are guided to read it, it is written in clear language that you will easily be able put into effect. I believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I highly recommend this book to you if that is where you are.This book is available on Amazon by clicking here