Blue Grass State of Mind by Kathleen Brooks

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Bluegrass State of Mind had lingered on my Kindle for a while, so one night I decided to read it. It actually was just what I needed after reading a few “heavier” books!

High-powered New York Attorney, McKenna Mason, and her friend, Danielle DeLuca, who is the receptionist on the floor where her offices are at Greendale, Thompson and Hitchem, make an unexpected stop by the office one night and she discovers something that changes her happy life completely. Her so called boyfriend and many of the high rollers at GTH, as well as some highly influential government officials, are having a party—the kind that ends in the rape and the probable death of a young woman. Horrified at what she happens upon, she dials 911 and then tries to intercede on behalf of the girl.

She is unable to prevent what has happened, but now McKenna knows too much and her life is at stake. As she try’s to get away, she is pursued and captured by her angry boyfriend, Chad Taylor. He pushes her around and hits her repeatedly, and she is unable to fight back until Danielle’s voice distracts him when she calls out, looking for McKenna. That brief distraction gives McKenna the break she needs to break his hold and escape. She and Danielle flee, with Chad hot on their heels. As McKenna gets inside her car and slams the door shut, he is there, trying to stop her. Danielle comes bulleting through the parking lot in her car and runs him over.

Both women know that they are as good as dead unless they cut all ties and run.  They pack and leave their homes that very night, each going their separate ways, promising to keep in touch by using a private email once they feel safe.

McKenna ends up in Keeneston, Kentucky to apply for the assistant D.A. job. When she was 12 years old she had met Will Ashton through her grandmother. He had been her first crush—given her that first kiss. Seventeen years have passed since then, but she knew he lived in Keeneston and planned to look him up, hoping that he would put in a good word for her.

Will Ashton hasn’t forgotten McKenna, and he is definitely interested In more than merely putting in a good word for her—but he has been married and though they are divorced, his ex still wants to reel him back in.

You will never discover another town like Keeneston! It makes for a fun read and some hilarious incidents—all though quite frankly I would have felt claustrophobic living there!

McKeena performs outstandingly in the courtroom. Will is the kind of man every woman would love to have in their life.  The secondary characters are lovable, even if they are all busybodies—but they are busybodies with their hearts in the right place—and they will do anything to protect the people who they envelop into the community.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a great story if the bad guys didn’t show up and create problems!  But in a town like Kenneston?—well let’s just say you have to read to find what happens!

Well worth the read—it ended with a cliff-hanger (which usually ticks me off)—and I immediately purchased the next two books in the Series, because I HAD to know the rest of the story!

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Risky Shot by Kathleen Brooks

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After I finished Blue Grass State of Mind, I immediately ordered Risky Shot ( from my Kindle as I lay in bed—OMG you gotta love it!)  Blue Grass State of Mind concluded with Danielle De Luca arriving on McKenna’s doorstep and I simply had to find out what she had been doing since she and McKenna Mason had gone their separate ways as they fled for their lives.

After they left an upscale bar where they had celebrated Mckenna’s 29th birthday, they had stopped by Greendale, Thompson and Hitchem where they worked so McKenna could pick up a file that she and forgotten and Danielle could get her keys.  McKenna had accidently interrupted an office party that had included rape and the possible death of a young woman. The two women had known that the powerful people involved would not rest until they two were dead so they had quickly gotten out of town. McKeenna had ended up in Keeneston, Kentucky. Danielle had stayed around New York, laying low and gathering evidence to bring the criminals to justice.

After she arrives in Keeneston, she works with the FBI and law enforcement to nail down the bad guys. As she does the entire story of her months in New York, the danger she braved, the discomfort and sacrifice that she had endured to learn everything she could, is revealed.

She is enveloped by the town, just as McKenna had been and just as had happened with McKenna everyone knew what was happening, even before she did.

And of course there is a romantic interest. Mohtadi Ali Rahmen is a foreign prince who lives in Keeneston, and he has been given an ultimatum by his powerful father. He must marry someone of his own choice (who is acceptable) before a given date, or he has to accept an arranged marriage. Mohtadi has refused very woman that his father has delivered to his horse ranch in Kentucky. When he and Danielle meet there is an instant attraction, but when they learn that the criminals have tracked her to Keeneston their happiness is threatened.

This was a great story, but it ended with a cliff hanger that really ticked me off. I was really upset, but I HAD to know what happened next, so once again I downloaded Dead Heat, the third book in the series.

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Dead Heat by Kathleen Brooks

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The second book in this series, (Risky Shot) ended on a cliff-hanger that annoyed me. How could the author end the book with a line that lets you know that the two lead female characters got shot and you have no idea if they lived or not??? Well it was a clever ploy by Kathleen Roberts, because the reader is in absolute shock and they just HAVE to buy the next book to find out what happened!

Dead Heat was worth the annoyance. Of course McKenna and Danielle survived, but they can’t let the shooter know that they did or he’ll come back to finish the job. But Page Davis had saw where the shot came from and ran to the back of the building to intercept the shooter as he made his escape. He knows that she seen him and he got a good look at her when she yelled at him. Now they know her life is in danger as well.

Cole Parker is an FBI agent who has been working on the case that involves McKenna and Danielle, and it is his job to protect her—but his heart is also involved with this stubborn, independent woman who has brushed him aside all through the first two books. When she refuses to go to a safe house, he decides to move in with her, posing as her boyfriend as he works along beside her in her business.

Sparks of all kinds fly, including bullets when an assassin tries to take her out in her home, even though he is there.

This was a really great book—and no cliff hanger!

Do yourself a favor—buy the three books in the series immediately, so you can just read and enjoy!

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