Alien Nightmares by Sharon Delarose

I enjoyed reading this book by Sharon Delarose and I appreciated her straightforward way of writing. She didn’t try to twist anyone’s arm to make them believe what she presented—she simply laid out the facts as she remembers them (supported by her dream diary) and let the reader accept or not accept. I admire her for sharing her thoughts with a world that could be very skeptical. My heart goes out to her for the things that she has experienced and are very real to her.

I also appreciated the sections about Latent Abilities and Judge Not The Alien Agenda. I felt they were worth giving real thought to.

I have long believed that earth has been (probably still is) visited by “aliens.” In fact, I have long believed that they are mentioned in the Bible. One instance would be The wheel within a wheel in Ezekiel (although I know that religious scholars have debunked that, as well as other instances.)

I remember those years between 1965 and 1968 when UFO sightings were reported frequently. I was newly married with young children. We didn’t have TV, so everything I learned came from radio reports and what I read in newspapers and magazines, but I was like a sponge eagerly soaking it all up.

I remember searching the skies, wishing I would see one, but I never wanted to be abducted. Everything I read about that was scary, and after reading Sharon Delarose’s book, I thank the universe and God that I wasn’t one of those “chosen.”

About that time my husband’s uncle visited, and he told us he had seen a UFO race across the sky over his field in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. Now uncle was suspect—we all wondered if he was telling the truth. But our accountant at Stettler, Alberta, was a rock solid man and he told us that the inhabitants of the village where he lived (Mirror, Alberta) had watched a very large UFO the shape of a cigar, flying low enough to be startling, as it followed the railroad tracks toward the village and then it accelerated up and disappeared. Through the years—even recently, I have checked UFO/Crop Circle sightings on the internet and seen reports of them in areas that I know in western Canada. UFO sightings have been reported all over the world, though to my knowledge, never again in the huge numbers that were reported in the 1960’s.

I think it is arrogant for humans to believe that we are the only intelligent entities in the vastness of the universe, although I understand that religions and governments on this planet would not want us to think that way. Admitting that probability would shake the foundations of what our societies and beliefs have been based on for at least the last 2000 years or more. Yet I do not believe in hiding the truth from the people. Imagine the shock and panic that would occur if there were to be irrefutable contact from aliens in the future.

Imagine what would happen if a large UFO or a fleet of them entered our skies with the intent of landing and connecting with us! I’m certain that before they knew if the alien’s intent was peaceful or not, the governments of the world would scramble to unite and pull together all their joint military resources to deploy every sort of aircraft, missile, and other weaponry available to fight them off. What reaction could we expect from the aliens?

This book is non-fiction, and while I found it very interesting, I am going to give it 3 stars. That does not mean that I did not enjoy it, because I certainly did. In fact, I went on to purchase two more books that Sharon Delarose co-authored with Lars Bergen: Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants: Through the Wormhole and Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands: Through the Wormhole.

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Ancient Aliens and The Age of Giants bergen DelaroseI read Ancient Aliens and the Age of Giants and found it interesting, but heavy reading. It has a great deal of documentation and referrals to support the theory of Giants having lived on this earth. I have no problem believing that they did. Once again that has old testament Bible references and the facts were woven into the writing where they applied.

Also, Bergan and Delarose quoted reports of archeological finds in the USA and Mexico that supported their presentation, as well as archeological finds around the world.

I have often wondered why some of the brutal leaders like Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun had the temperament that they did, but when I read some of the reports about the giants who apparently existed in that part of the world it made sense to me. (NOTE: Genghis & Attila were NOT mentioned by Bergan and Delarose)

When I finished reading The Age of Giants, I decided to move on to something lighter.

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Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands -bergenDelaroseSomewhere down the road, I will read Ancient Aliens and the Lost Islands which can be purchased at by clicking here.