false security by Angie Martin

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This was a terrific read! I discovered this book in a Facebook group where authors advertise their work. I was intrigued by the description and decided to buy it.

The Prologue contains a dark and frightening scene—a woman wearing a black dress, running for her life through dense forest, falling as brushes trip her, getting up and charging ahead into the darkness. A voice in her mind tells her she could turn back —but she plunges on, telling herself that no one in their right mind would return to Hell.

In the first chapter, we meet Mark Jacobson, the owner of a bookstore who is happy with his bachelor status and his freedom. He has never needed love—but Rachel Thomas, a customer who has returned many times to buy books that he has recommended, has caught his attention in a way that makes his heart pound and keeps him looking for her.

Rachel Thomas and Danielle Palmer live in a house that is secured like Fort Knox, even though they live in Wichita, Kansas. Danielle is a waitress. Rachel volunteers at a domestic violence shelter where she teaches self-defence to battered women. When they first met, Rachel helped Danielle rise above the horror of domestic abuse and they formed a bond of love that keeps Danielle moving from place to place with Rachel, even through Rachel fears for her friend’s safety because of their association.

Rachel has a dark past. She lives with guilt, remorse and shame for the life she has lived and fear of being forced back into that existence. She moves constantly to stay one step ahead of a man she had once loved, a man who is a ruthless psychopath who renders his own unrelenting form of punishment when anyone, including Rachel, does not do what he wants. Only Danielle knows her secrets and she willingly stands by her friend, even though she knows it could mean losing her own freedom, possibly her own life.

Rachel has always avoided relationships because of the danger that she knows lurks in the shadows, but she falls in love with Mark and he with her. She knows she should move again, but she waits too long—then she and Mark are confronted by demons from her past. The consequences of their love are tragic.

I promise you there are no spoilers in this review—in fact, it barely scratches the surface of the story. This book is packed with suspense—a thriller in it’s truest form. Martin has created believable characters that pulled me in and held me from the beginning to the last page. I felt Rachel’s fear, her desire, her desperation, finally her acquiescence to something she felt she couldn’t fight anymore. I shed tears for Mark, Danielle and Rachel. I felt righteous anger over the things that had happened in Rachel’s past—I felt that she’d been trapped from the time she was ten years old. I despised the evilness of the man who hunted her—knowing he didn’t have to do what he did, but he chose to and worse yet, he enjoyed it.

I found this book riveting and it had so many different layers that were gradually peeled away to finally take you to the end. I am not going to tell you more. You will have to read the book to know, and believe me, it is well worth the read.

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