Hot Quit by Kathryn Roberts

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My husband has an iPad and I have a Kindle Fire but they are both loaded from my Amazon account. We both read when we go to bed. Our reading tastes are as different as we are, so I usually buy books that I know he will enjoy for him, but he has exhausted that supply right now and his books are expensive, even if they are eBooks. So, until next month, while he isn’t a fan of romance or mystery/murder, he picks through the rest of the books looking for something he might enjoy. When he saw “Hot Quit” the title caught his eye, because he recognized it as a term used in the world of cutting horses, so he started to read.

When I asked him a couple of nights later if it was any good, he surprised me when he responded with an enthusiastic YES. I had purchased the book in June of 2015 and, for some reason, I never got around to reading it. I had finished the book I was reading the night before, so last night I decided to read HOT QUIT—I’m a fast reader and I read until 12:30 AM to finish it. He stuck with it until he finished at 1:30—very rare for both of us!

I am deathly allergic to horses, but I love to see them in the pasture and to me there is nothing more thrilling than to watch a well-trained cutting horse at work—it is mesmerizing! They are so intelligent and athletic and, believe me, the rider has to have a great seat in the saddle and be very alert and yet able to relax and let the horse do its job. My husband raised cutting horses and while I could never go to an event in an enclosed structure, there were times when I went along to smaller, outdoor venues, where I could find a spot up-wind of the horses and watch. I know enough to recognize some of the terms used in the book, I recognized some of the breeding (Doc Bar) and the mention of big time cutting events—like at Fort Worth, Texas.

I loved the book! My husband said it was very authentic and he really enjoyed reading it too! I read some of the less than appreciative reviews for Hot Quit and thought that it was a good thing that we don’t all think the same way!

While Jackson Morgan has a reputation for being the best when it comes to training cutting horses, he is struggling to keep up the payments on his ranch. After a financially devastating incident involving a student who had become his lover, he had quit taking on anyone who wanted to learn the art of riding a cutting horse. But when Alexandria Payne’s secretary phoned and told him that Alexandria was willing to pay well for a one-month crash course, he grasped the prospect of getting the money that he needed and agreed to take her on. He had no idea who his student was, and when she arrived, irritated and demanding the immediate responses that her position as a high-powered businesswoman had led her to expect, sparks flew…sparks of anger, as well as sparks of chemistry that neither one of them wanted.

Two very different people from two very different worlds- but for both of them love grew in spite of that. When Jackson gave her his heart, he had no idea that Everett Covington, the man who had mentored him, the man that he saw as a father, was the reason Alexandria had wanted to learn to ride.

When she arrived, Everett Covington was simply a resistant, stubborn man whose trucking business Alexandria desperately wanted to purchase in order to secure a lucrative deal. He had cutting horses and learning to ride them was a tactic for her to curry his favor and persuade him to sell his company to her. Discovering that Jackson Morgan knew him well seemed like a big plus at first, but by the end of the month of training, she was beginning to feel anxious, wondering how she could secure a deal with Covington and maintain her relationship with Jackson, whom she had come to love.

Everette Covington was no fool, and on the day of a big show at the end of her training, he made certain he caught her when Jackson wasn’t around. He confronted her with what he had discovered when he investigated her and her company. He also revealed the treachery of her partner, refusing to believe that Alexandria didn’t know what Paul had done. Everette would do anything to protect Jackson Morgan. He told her he would sell her his trucking company, but he had terms that had to be met. Business had always come first with Alexandria, but her heart broke as she accepted the price she must pay to secure the transaction.

This is a great book. Roberts knows her stuff when it comes to the world of cutting horses and she understands human nature and human relationships. It was heartbreaking to watch those two fall in love and yet know what would happen when Jackson inevitably discovered Alexandria’s motivation.

Their brief romance ends in heartbreak. Jackson is devastated by her betrayal. The acquisition, she so desperately sought and acquired, brings her no satisfaction and Alexandria is filled with despair  as she goes back to her successful business and nurses her broken heart. She tells herself it could never have worked out between them anyway. They were too different.

As time goes by, Everette Covington sees Jackson’s pain does not diminish. He loves Jackson like a son and he has learned an unexpected truth about Alexandria. He reluctantly shares it with Jackson.

As long as a spark of love lingers, even in a broken heart, maybe there is hope! I encourage you to read the book to find out.

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