Pukah Works

What am I doing wrong?
Why do I get the crickets?
I know that I’m moving slow, all right.
I know that there’s more I should do.

But why, oh, why when I look to your notes
do I see everyone else mentioned but me?
Romance, and romance, and romance again
Yet you say you my work that you read

What do you like?
Why don’t you tell?
Where am I on the list of authors you help?
I know.  Don’t bother to say – I’m down in obscurity.

I see success around me,
I’m told that “this is good”
I write the stories that find me
It’s like talking to the woods

I write what I’m given by my stories,
Exciting things I am told.
Yet, when I look at what is happening
I have nothing for all my toil

What is wrong with the way I write?
What is…

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