invasion of privacy

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2 letters sum up my thoughts about Invasion Of Privacy by Ian Sutherland- Read them frontwards or backwards-WOW represents how I feel about this book!

This book held me transfixed—filled with cyber geek speak, some of which I have heard, but none of which I have enough knowledge to speak with authority. I actually sent the author a message and asked him if the premise of the story had any basis in reality—and he quickly replied that things of that nature are indeed real.

Most of us use the internet pretty regularly with little thought to the dark side of it. Yes—in the news we hear that countries around the world have entities that hack into government agencies, banks and credit card companies to steal information and security secrets. They also threaten infrastructures like hydro grids, airline companies…but the general public never seriously believes that they could personally be involved; that is until you read invasion of Privacy! This book took me places that I don’t want to believe exist!! For me it involved a dark world in cyberspace that could be equated to crime mobsters like Al Kapone –just a different decade and a different venue, but just as corrupt, just as territorial and just as deadly. It was shocking to read how easily the hackers accessed personal information, the techniques they used to get the information that they wanted, the multiple ways they set up false identities so that they could not be detected.

To the outside world,Brody Taylor is a security consultant. In actual fact he is a top dog in the internet hacker world—a recognition that he has worked hard to achieve, and one that creates jealousy and anger in a few of those that he has beaten or exposed. High on a recent success as a security consultant, he lets himself be enticed by a request for help on CrackerHack, an online forum used by computer hackers from all over the world to brag about their exploits and swap ideas, tips and techniques. Brody spent much of his spare time on there. The message was from a member called Crooner42, a username that Brody vaguely recognised. Crooner said he was looking for someone with  ‘Advanced Pentest Techniques.’  Too late Taylor realises that he has been duped, but his pride won’t let him back down. He decides he will follow through with the challenge.

While working every possible angle to find a way into the seemingly impenetrable site, he becomes aware that a sadistic killer may be following it to pick his victims. Brody’s line of work is illegal in the eyes of the law, but he finesses his way into a police investigation that is searching for a serial killer who is contacting women, arranging to meet with them and then rapeing and murdering them. He teams up with Detective Jenny Price and uses some of his skills to help solve the case. Of course there is something in it for Brody—in doing so, he discovers the elusive thread that lets him nail the challenge he accepted from Crooner42.

But little does he know that in doing so he has placed himself and his career as a hacker in mortal danger.

I highly recommend this book, and I will definitely be watching for another Brody Walker thriller. A job well done, Ian Sutherland. WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

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