Unsung victims by Ica Iova

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I was totally captivated by Unsung Victims. For me this book felt so real, so heart-wrenching, that I felt Johanna White could be a real person and I was reading her biography.

I watched her relationship with Detective Louis White blossom and become the envy of many women. Everything was so perfect. Louis was the man any woman’s romantic heart would desire. Until his other side began to come through. Then I watched the marriage crumble, and Louis become a nightmare to live with.

When Johanna decided she wanted a divorce, he did what many abusive people do. He begged for another chance. I could feel how torn she was, but I really hoped she wouldn’t take that route. Logic told me it was too risky, but little did she (or I) realise how risky sticking with her decision would be.

All Louis’s charm totally vanished, and a sadistic, vengeful man who would stop at nothing less that ruining Johanna’s life took center stage. He portrayed her as having poor parenting skills and made everyone (including herself) doubt her stability and sanity. And he used his influence and power to try to gain sole custody of their children with the intent to shut her out of their lives entirely. It became clear that the children didn’t really matter to him, they were simply a means of destroying the woman who dared to try to take back control of her life.

The unsung victims were the poor children. Divorce affects children at any age, but this book clearly portrays what a vicious, acrimonious divorce can do to young children. My heart bled for them and Johanna. It became very easy to despise Louis and those that marshalled behind him in his underhanded deceitful ways.

Johanna’s story is written in first person, and once again Ica Iova did a masterful job of creating and developing the characters in this book.

This is the 3rd book that I have read of Ica Iova—she has become one of my favorite authors. I have already downloaded “Resilience” (the sequel to this book) and I can’t wait to read it.

Unsung Victims can be purchased on Amazon.com by clicking here.