Book Reviews that sell--Dr Gary Webb

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Book Reviews That Sell is filled with great tips and it is already in a folder in the Kindle app on my computer for easy access.

One piece of information that really caught my attention was the idea of putting a direct link inside your ebook where readers can post their review. I always encourage people to write reviews but I know that many of the readers who tell me they loved my books are intimidated by the very act of getting to the place where they can write the review on Amazon. Gary Webb said “Don’t just send them back to the Amazon book detail page. Have them go directly to the review page for your book.” He says to wirte “Here is a link to this book’s review page: http:// review/ create-review? …” (and put in the ASIN of your book…) “it should link to that book’s review page. On that page, the reviewer can immediately enter a star rating, begin writing the review, and add a headline for the review.” I can hardly wait to try this, and I wonder if if would work with Smashwords or GoodReads also. Possibly not, but I’m going to check it out.

Dr. Gary Webb suggested something else that I thought was very interesting. He wrote “When you write a review, Amazon does not permit including links to your own books or links to URLs outside Amazon. However, they encourage links to other products (including books) on the Amazon website. Therefore, it is possible for you to write a review of one book, but also praise another one. Such a review can be one written by the same author, or a similar book written by another one. As an example, you could compare two books by the same author. In the reviews editor, you can insert a clickable link from one book to the other. Do not try to enter a link directly. The review editor does not allow that. However, just above the right-hand corner of the editor, Amazon has included a button that says, “Insert product link.” All you need to do is to click that button and type in the URL for the other book.” I think this really something to consider when writing reviews. I’m just going to have to take some time and practice a bit to understand how this works.

I also appreciated what he said about the verified purchase check when you go to write a book review. I have often wondered about this because I have readers who use iTunes, Nook and Kobo formats—and I’m certain that the verified purchase would make them shy away from leaving a review. I’ll be honest, it has made me back off from writing a review if I bought the book on Smashwords. Gary Webb wrote “Here is another reason I dislike the verified purchase label for reviews. If someone buys your book from a competing online retailer such as iTunes or Barnes and Noble, they honor your request (inside the book) to post a review on Although, they paid full price for the book, it will not count as a verified purchase. The Amazon system would not have a record of its purchase in their system. To clarify, Amazon says, “If a review isn’t marked Amazon Verified Purchase, it doesn’t mean that the reviewer has no experience with the product – just that we couldn’t verify it had been purchased at Amazon.”

This book also made it clear to me what is required to stay within Amazons guidelines and avoid getting into trouble.

Webb also suggested that you join the Author Marketing Club and use their free tools for finding possible reviewers, which is something that I intend to do.

I also appreciated the extra bonuses that were included in the book: a downloadable spreadsheet for keeping track of Reviewers, a list of FREE/PAID REVIEW sites, plus many links to useful sites that is save readers a lot of time.

I also appreciated his advice to not “collect reviews;” but instead make it your mission to “connect with reviewers.”

I have only mentioned a fraction of the things that appealed to me in this book. I highly recommend it as a resource of choice for indie authors. Amazon is a very large stage for an author’s work, and reviews are “life’s blood” for any book!

Book Reviews That Sell is available on Amazon by clicking here