Last night my husband and I went to see the REVENANT at the theater in Williams Lake. We have not watched or been to a movie in years—in fact I’m very certain that the last one we watched in a theater was “Catch Me If You Can” one evening when we were in Kamloops, B.C. when we were much younger and he was open to doing something like that.

At this stage in life, he is only interested in the News, sports, hunting and fishing shows and nature shows so that is basically what we watch on TV. He has no use for “fiction” and shoot ‘em up movies like James Bond or CSI. But when he saw the previews for the REVENANT —based on the “true story” of a frontiersman/trapper, the bear attacking the man, the Appaloosa horse (he used to raise Appaloosa’s) being ridden full tilt over a steep cliff, he decided he wanted to go to that movie. Our son-in-law and daughter were going also so we met them in town, went out for Chinese food and then went to the movie together.

Here is my review for the REVANANT. The cinematography and makeup artistry were very well done. And Leonardo DiCaprio probably deserves an award for his acting and the reported discomfort he had to endure during filming. But for me, the actual presentation of the story of Hugh Glass the notorious frontiersman and trapper required too much suspension of reality to become totally involved. I felt like I was watching Hugh Glass as superman on steroids. Any normal human being would have died in the circumstances portrayed, no matter how determined and tough they were.

Tom Hardy did a very good job of playing the role of John Fitzgerald who, to me, came off as a total self-serving, traitorous asshole who lied and was willing to kill when it suited him. But in all fairness, under the circumstances, his decision to leave Huge Glass as dead could probably justified as self-preservation, but the rest of his actions revealed his true character.

This movie was “based on a true story,” but I was reminded again that certainly all fiction has some basis of “truth” somewhere. There is plenty of violence, murder, shooting (often using musket guns that never seem to be needed to be muzzle loaded in fast moving scenes—bang, bang, bang) –also beautiful scenery and the movie was shot in natural light.

After the movie was over I asked my daughter and son-in-law what the title meant and how it related to the show. None of us knew so when we came home I looked information about the movie and the meaning of REVENANT. Online I discovered that Revenant means “a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.”

If you are interested click on the following links to learn more about Hugh Glass and the movie. The true story behind the Revenant and from the   “Leonardo DiCaprio Hugh Glass True Story” which is very revealing.

You may love this movie! For me, it was simply a night out. Would I go to see it again? Not likely. I don’t like it when something is presented as based on truth, yet is so patently fiction.  I don’t shy away from violence and blood and guts–I just don’t want to have to “hold my nose” and pretend that I believe it is truth. I’d be much more interested in seeing “13 hours” in the theater or sitting at home with a glass of wine and watching NCIS. It’s a good thing that we do not all have the same tastes.