suppression by P.S. WinnWhen I find an author that I enjoy, I often read all their books, but P.S. Winn has 30 plus of them, so for now, I have to choose. Initially, I read three of her books that had healing and paranormal elements because I am fascinated with those concepts.

Then one day I shared a post on Facebook about the environment and global warming and I received a response from her that said something to the effect that if you are interested in saving the environment you might want to read this. There was a link to the book and when I saw the words “based on a true story” on the cover, I took time to read the blurb about the book and decided to read it.

I am amazed at the great range of topics that Winn covers in her novels. Suppression is completely different than the first three books that I read, yet I found myself drawn into the story. At times, my anger raged at what was happening to these two ordinary citizens, because of corruption in the government, specifically a US Senator Buchanan, who was a man with his eye on the Presidency and who had allowed many dirty deals to happen under his watch.

Through the years, I’m certain we have all heard about a new invention that would let vehicles get unbelievable gas mileage and patents for energy producing projects that never make it to market.

In Suppression, Dan Warren invents a garbage burner that has unprecedented results and, in a realistic caring society, its development would have solved much of the world’s pollution problems. Imagine!—a simple burner that had a unique stack that would turn black billowing smoke into vapor, absorb all the particulates—and create a source of electric energy as well! It should have been a win/win for everyone, but it doesn’t turn out that way.

Dan Warren lives a simple life, and he had no ideas of grandeur; he just wants to help others. Instead, the life of he and his wife becomes a nightmare, and all those who want to help him move ahead with the project, quickly back off in face of threats on their lives and the security of their jobs.

I believe P.S. Winn when she says that this book is based on a true story. At the end of the book she writes, “This book is dedicated to the many inventors who have inventions and ideas suppressed by people with too much money and too much power. It is also dedicated to the real “Dan” who had the invention in this novel patented years ago and despite his best efforts was blocked and suppressed with each step he took…… As always, thanks to my family and friends… especially my husband who knows what this story is truly about.

I wish I personally knew this author, so I could sit down and hear the real story from her and her husband, “who knows what this story is truly about.” I am so intrigued!

Winn’s portrayal of the characters was so realistic that I became very involved in the lives of Mary and Dan Warren, and Chad Franklin, a very determined and creative reporter who risked everything to bring the story to light.

This is a book with a serious message for those who look past the fact that it is a great thriller, conspiracy read. Highly recommended!

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