The Innocent

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I have read a few of David Baldacci’s books and totally enjoy them. This one has been lingering on my Kindle for a long time so I decided to just relax and enjoy it. I read this in two sittings–Took me about 9 hours in total.

Will Robi is a complex man. He is a stone cold killer, who has spent the last dozen years traveling the world, carrying out “sanctioned assassins” for a clandestine agency in the US government.

Will wasn’t born a killer but we never learn how he became one. Still underneath it all, he does have emotions and feelings that he seldom lets surface. When he is given an assignment to take out his next victim, something doesn’t feel right about it, and when he arrives at the apartment he realises that his hit is a woman with a child. He does not kill her.

Then Will Robi, the Assassin, becomes the target for assassination. Eventually he realises that he was always the target, part of a much larger scheme. He has no idea who he can trust, because it becomes clear that moles have infiltrated all government agencies.

The Innocent is a spellbinding read—also the story of a ruthless group who will stop at killing no one—even the Innocent.
I loved the book and will read The Hit and The Target when time permits.

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