nothing is forever by Ted Tayler

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This is the Third book in the Phoenix Series. I started with Gold, Silver and Bombs, and had to find out how it began, so I read The Olympus Project and now I have read all three of them.

I love a good thriller and Ted Tayler has never failed to deliver in this series. The Olympus Project features a highly skilled group that work behind the guise of a Charity, but in fact, they are deadly assassins who move anonymously through Society and mete out “justice” when the judicial system fails. I see it as kind of a vigilante group that works behind the scenes to eliminate those who do not get caught or get off too lightly when they do get caught. If I’m honest, I have often thought that there is a place in society for a team like the Olympus project.

In this book we get insight into the lives of those on the “right side” of the law; officers of the Portishead station working hard, searching out criminals who commit despicable acts that should be punished fully, but get off with little or nothing. We also see the human side of these people—loneliness, lust, infidelity, struggling marital relationships, different gender preferences, people who are so involved with their careers that there is little time for anything else. Zara Wheeler is one of this group who is dedicated and determined—willing to ignore the rules of conduct that should bind her when she feels that she needs to rescue or support a victim. She is also very intelligent and is a potential threat to the Pheonix.

As the book begins the police are dealing with domestic abuse as well as human trafficking that is a deplorable form of modern day slavery. I believe the author writes with authenticy and I was shocked to imagine that it could be a big problem in Britain.

When the Olympus group enter the story they are dealing with the same problem, in their own way. The first shot is directed at a man who has terrorised two helpless “slaves.” Knowing he has diplomatic immunity and will never see justice, a member of the group is sent to dispose of him. No one suspects it isn’t suicide.

Then the Olympus group receive intelligence that a jihadist terrorist cell is planning to attack the crowds and the visiting Royal family. The Olympus group is smart, but the terrorists are too. This becomes a knuckling whitening, fast moving tale of life and death. No one is immune.

I am always amazed at the mind that creates these spell-binding plots and makes the characters seem so real! I highly recommend this book, but do yourself a favor and start with the Olympus Project—Book One and read the whole series.