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I picked up the Seventh Seal in a group where authors could present their books and if you chose to, you could read and review one of them. The cover of The Seventh Seal caught my eye so I decided to read it.

I read the book twice before I really got it! The first time through I was kind of ho-hum, because I realized it wasn’t the kind of book that I normally chose to read, and I didn’t actually appreciate the depth of it, until I got to the “A Bibliography of sorts!” Then I began to understand how much research and thought Dobbs had put into the characters in the book and the terms and circumstances in the interconnecting relationships between Thera, Earth and Arthe.

I read at night, so I turned off my light when I was finished, but I had trouble turning off my mind. Real life Earth events were mentioned in the book, and the author skillfully wove in mention of Albert Einstein, and the author Ian Flemming, among others that caught my eye. I confess I even looked up a couple of them online, because they had a plausible ring, but they were not real people as far as I could discern.

With the first reading I had noticed many phrases that offered true wisdom, reading it the second time, armed with the threads of information that I had gleaned from the Bibliography I had a totally different appreciation for Dobb’s work.

This book revolves around The Keepers from Thera, who have responsibility to keep a balance between the interconnected relationships between Earth, Thera and Arthe. As is true in all things, there is good and evil in all realms. Michael Stone is the keeper of the Seventh Seal. He represents the good, but his life is complicated, because although he knew that he was a Keeper, he chose to live on Earth and marry Sarah whom he loves. Together they have a son, David.

When David is a child, Michael returns to Thera, to face off with Odling Smee, who is a threat to all the Keepers. Fortune does not favor Michael in the battle and just before he succumbs to his wounds he vows that he does not want his son to inherit the burden of being a Keeper, and he throws the Seventh Seal into a lake believing it will be lost forever.

However there are also secrets on Thera, and Michael had no idea what his last action set in motion. As much as his mother vows that David will never be involved, destiny and the bloodlines of the Keepers pull him in. When he is fifteen years old, he has to make a decision that will change his life, to prevent disaster for Earth, Thera and Arthe.

The “regulas” is central to the interactions of the characters in this book. It is an energy that empowers the seals. I am going to share with you a few of the terms from the Bibliography .
1. Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo and one of the brightest in our night sky. It is also another alchemical reference found in Newton’s writings and is the metallic component refined from an ore. In the book the regulus is the name for the energy pathways which connect all matter in the universe and is akin to the Higgs Field famously discovered by the Large Hadron Collider in Cern.
2. Seal: The small metallic like discs used by the Keepers. The seals represent the seven Theran pillars of wisdom: honour, trust, respect, sharing, loving, growing and pride. The idea comes from one of many tales surrounding the Ark of the Covenant and that it was locked by seven seals.
3. Everett The mysterious saviour of the Keepers; he takes his name from the great quantum physicist Hugh Everett who in 1957 introduced the “many worlds” theory; that all possible histories and futures are real.

When I first read this book, I was thinking 3 stars. After I explored the “A Bibliography of sorts” and reread it, I realized that there is depth to this book, even though it is a Fantasy Adventure and I truly appreciated it.

We hear (and read) about UFO’s coming from other worlds and possibilities of aliens that live among us taking on a human form and trying to help earth develop to its highest good. The Seventh Seal is not about UFO’s and aliens, but it made me think about the possibility of interconnected worlds or “planes” where spirits live. –“I am fascinated by the “many worlds” theory: that all possible histories and futures are real.”

I highly recommend this book- it is fast paced, full of intrigue and danger—and wisdom!