She never got to say goodbye by Ica IovaThis is the second book by Ica Iova that I have read. When I read Boundaries, I mistakenly thought it was her first book. When I went to write a review for it I discovered that she had two others and another coming out in January of this year.

As I often do when I discover a new author that I love, I read the summary for “She Never Got to Say Goodbye” and I knew I wanted to read it, so I downloaded it to my Kindle right away. This book was everything I thought it might be and so much more! I have become a fan of Ica Iova’s work, and I plan to read the rest of her books after I get through of the other’s in my TBR list. I actually cheated a bit and shuffled “She Never Got to Say Goodbye” to the top of the list!

In the first chapter, we meet Olivia Jeffries who will soon graduate from UBC Faculty of Law. As She struggles to complete a psychology report about human behavior that will give her extra credits she becomes stressed, her muscles tight. Her usual calm is “replaced by a carousel of thoughts, each one more worrying than the last.”

She tries to phone her best friend but can’t reach her so she heads out to Ol’Mama’s bar and grill for something to eat and some relaxing time on her own.

When she gets seated at a table, she senses that someone is watching her. She looks up to see a very handsome man staring at her. She looks away and the next thing she knows he is standing beside her, saying he hates to eat alone and asking her to join him. He is Brandon Olson, a thirty-five-year-old lawyer, and he’s single…and so hot looking she is almost breathless.

That is the beginning of their relationship, and ten months later Brandon takes her to a romantic spot and proposes to her. She accepted, but in the flurry of activity before her graduation hadn’t gotten around to tell her parents. When graduation day came she was torn, feeling guilty that she was going to spring an engagement announcement on them, when they were expecting her to graduate and go on to make a successful life as a lawyer. Not that she couldn’t still be a lawyer, but she was close to her parents, and yet she had never mentioned her relationship with Brandon.

Brandon and Olivia seemed to have a blissful, successful marriage until Brandon was asked to represent a client who had needs that he couldn’t resolve to her satisfaction, and the legal results left her destitute and alone. When she committed suicide, a diary she had written surfaced, and Brandon was overcome with guilt and remorse. From that point Olivia and Brandon’s relationship spiraled downward.

Olivia gave birth to their son, Brayden, but that didn’t help things. On the night she had decided to take the baby and leave, she is murdered in the garage. Brandon is the prime suspect. Olivia’s tormented spirit is enraged and she is determined to make sure that he is punished.

This book has something for readers of every genre—romance, thriller, paranormal. The action is fast and furious—especially in the realm of her spirit as she hovers nearby, trying to make anyone—everyone– see that he is guilty. Iova depicts the haunting by Olivia’s spirit as vividly as she did their emerging love, Brandon’s guilt as he read the diary that sent him spiraling into depression and substance abuse and the gradual deterioration of their relationship.

I have told you a lot, but I promise there are no spoilers in this review! This book is packed with twists and turns, and the resolution is something I didn’t see coming until it was there. Don’t discount a ghost with a mission.

Iova writes such descriptive prose. All through the book, there were lines that caught my attention at the time, but I still remember this one: “…his words were crushed by the massive man unraveling his bulky frame into…” As I read I could see this whole scene happening in my mind.

I will definitely be reading Ica Iova’s “Resilience Series.”

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