Please welcome Katheryn Caffee today on Peachy’s Insights. Katheryn is the author of the Followers of Torments series published under the name of K. Caffee.K. Caffee author profile photo

GP: I’m sure that our readers would like to know a little more about you. Please, tell us a little about yourself and your interests outside of writing.

KC: About myself… That covers a lot of ground, even when I manage to keep the pukah side of me under control.

I’m a full time grad student, mostly full-time author, and a full time parent to two cats who think I’ve abandoned them most of the daylight hours. Typically, when I’m home I’m either doing house chores that I’ve let stack up, buried to my neck in homework, or several air bubbles down into a work I’m typing like mad to keep up with. When the stories allow, I love to read, bead, draw, play with…

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