noraFLIRTING!!  As I see it, love and romance is actually a mental process that triggers responses in people who connect and develop a relationship.

In her “The Magic of Flirting” series of short stories, Gisela Hausman shines the spotlight on the sensual , mental aspect of a blossoming romantic relationship;  the thoughts that linger in a person’s mind after they cross paths, the daydreaming, the uncertainties, the desires, the flutter of the heart each time they meet, lingering looks that speak more than words, lingering touches that send a shiver of excitement through them, triggering sexual  desires.

NORA’s story takes place in Oslo, Norway in 2009.  Nora, is an oil engineer, who has worked at Nortas-Oil for five years.  Edvard Hansen, an old friend ( who wanted to be more than a friend) had warned her about working for the company, telling her that they would not promote a beautiful woman, but Nora had ignored his advice, believing that if she applied herself diligently and work as many hours as required, working for such a big company would fast track her career.

Five years later she realizes he was right. Long hours and hard work on the job have taken over her whole life, and the only person she connects with is her friend, Elsa.  She discusses her dilemma with Elsa and they consider how she can find someone who will help her find a better position with a company who will appreciate her.  Approaching Edvard is unthinkable because of their last embarrassing encounter, so who else?  Then they both remember Christian Jones, a man that Nora had known well years before.

Nora looks him up on Facebook and sends him a casual message. She knows that he is married and his facebook page reveals that he has two children, but she is hopeful that he may be able to point her in a new direction for a job.  He gets back quickly and it is clear that he is happy to connect.  Nora is surprised by the fact that he spends so little time in Norway, where his wife, Anke, and children live.

After one post she remembers that Elsa had told her to stay away from flirting, but she thinks …What the heck…he was flirting…and she should have flirted with him years ago. Maybe he would have never connected with Anke.

You’ll have to read the story to find out where it goes from there!

This is a very short, tantalizing read; perfect for an escape with your morning coffee or a break from you daily activities.

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