FlAVAirting is a natural aspect of human sexuality, but today we take little notice of this instinctive, age old element of romance and relationships because we are blatantly bombarded by SEX in all forms of entertainment.

Is it time for the pendulum to swing?  Gisela Hausmann has made the first move toward starting a new genre in romances—FLIRTING!  Her short stories are based on the spark of attraction that people feel when they meet and they instantly know that they want to discover more about each other.  Her characters explore the thoughts that stay with them all through the ensuring moments, hours, days, weeks even months; the excitement, the daydreaming, the uncertainties, the desires, the flutter of the heart each time they meet, lingering looks that speak more than words, lingering touches that send a shiver of excitement through them, triggering sexual feeling.  But there are no shockingly sexual conversations, or physical involvements, just the promise of much more to come.  The story may end as they look toward the bedroom door, but it never takes you through it.

The short stories that makeup her series “The Magic of Flirting” simmer with sensuality, but the personalities of the characters drive the story and the way she portrays their emotions keeps you reading.

“The Magic of Flirting, AVA” is the second book in this series that I have read. This story takes place in 2012 and is set in Zurich, Switzerland.  Twenty four year old Ava, is attending the University of Zurich and is a dedicated chemistry student. She is in awe of Professor Frank Lombard, an older professor on the staff, who is a Nobel Laureate in chemistry.  Ava works hard to get ahead and she is delighted when she is given the unpaid internship organizing references and setting up bibliographies.

Chemistry professor, Maximilian Delarue, joins the team and there is something about the man that attracts her. There seems to be a sadness in him, which makes her want to reach out to him in compassion, but also a magnetism that ignites a spark in her heart.  As time passes, she catches him looking at her several times, in a way that she doesn’t quite understand and the tension builds. Is it possible that he cares for her too?

She confides her feelings to her best friend Emilee, who tells her she is acting like a love sick teenager and that she needs to get a grip on things.  Ava tries to avoid contact with him, but at times it is inevitable.  She can’t stifle her feelings; she is as besotted as a teenager.  He asks her out to dinner, and calls her when is car breaks down, but is he just a co-worker calling on another co-worker. Anxiety grows as she trys to read the signals, waiting for him to make a move. Is she just imagining his interest or is it real?

While I prefer novels, this read satisfied my romantic heart.  Hausmann wove a clever story line into very few pages.  I think it may be harder to craft a good short story, than it is to write a novel.  Everything has to fit together precisely; there is no wiggle room for error.

This is a great little story to enjoy while you have a lunch break, or when you want to relax for an afternoon.  Be sure to make it part of your reading collection.

You can purchase this short story by clicking the link for Amazon