EMMAIf you are tired of reading graphic sex scenes and erotica, you’ll enjoy this series of short stories.  Gisela Hausmann takes you back to the basics of romance–FLIRTING!, 

 Have you grown tired of reading romances that are filled with explicit sexual content and erotica? I wonder how many times I’ve heard readers say they just flip through the sex scenes, skipping the graphic depictions, looking for the meat of the story to reappear.  While I like a bit of steam, I have found myself doing the same thing, when I’m reading an enjoyable story line that seems to have long, vivid sex scenes on every other page!

Gisela Hausmann has made the first move toward starting a new genre—FLIRTING– based on the spark of attraction that people feel when they meet and they instantly know that they want to discover more about each other. Hausmanns short stories explore the thoughts that stay with her characters all through the ensuring moments, hours and days; the excitement, the daydreaming, the uncertainties, the desires, the flutter of the heart each time they meet, lingering looks that speak more than words, lingering touches that send a shiver of excitement through them, triggering sexual feeling. But there are no shockingly sexual conversations, or physical involvements, just the promise of much more to come. The story may end as they look toward the bedroom door, but it never takes you through it.

The short stories that makeup her series “The Magic of Flirting” simmer with sensuality, but the personalities of the characters drive the story and the way she portrays their thoughts and emotions keep you reading.

“Emma” takes place in Vienna, Austria in 1985. Emma is has recently broke up with her fiancé and is feeling at loose ends. She is aware that, Joseph, her fellow co-worker and friend, has feelings for her but he’s not really her type and she’s never encouraged him to express those feelings. However, when he asks her to attend the grand premiere of a movie that is the biggest news in the business; she discusses it with her girlfriend and decides to accept his invitation.

Joseph is CEO of a movie production company that Emma also works for periodically. Being able to attend the premiere is an enviable opportunity for the average person. For Emma, it will be a boost to her moral and could lead to important business connections. Joseph is good company and he will be proud to escort her, so she dresses to the hilt, and they go.

At the event they meet Bertrand Salinger, who greets Joseph and shows a polite interest in Emma. He is a handsome, sexy, flamboyant Frenchman. For her the connection is instant, and the vibes she picks up make her think he feels the same, although he is too suave to let it show.

Joseph is protective—also a bit possessive. He trys to keep her at his side. She acknowledges to herself that he is stable and a good man, while the Frenchman who is a well-known entertainment attorney, has a reputation of being a womanizer. But he makes her senses tingle. Which one will win?

Gisela Hausmann is a very talented writer and although her European background shows up in her sentence structure occasionally, it is more charming, than distracting.

I have read three of the books in her Magic of Flirting Series. They are wonderful, quick reads —great to enjoy on your e-reader or your laptop, when you want to take a break from your routine and relax, or when you go for lunch break at work (be careful not to lose track of time; it could easily happen!) I read them at night before I went to sleep—sweet, enjoyable and relaxing.

Don’t miss a great quick read.

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PS…I prefer to read a full length novel, so I gave this short story 4 stars, because it left me wanting MORE!