Italian summerIn this third book in the Mina’s Adventure  series, Mina Calvi returns to Veneto, Italy, the hometown she left when she went to America ten years previously.  She has lost everyone in her family, and the love of her life has disappeared and is presumed to be dead.  She has returned to her roots to ponder her past and gather courage to face a future that seems impossibly bleak.

One of the first things she does when she gets there is visit the cemetery where the family crypt is.  She takes flowers for her grandmother, a person who was very dear to her.  When she arrives she meets the gravedigger and caretaker of the cemetery, Piero.  Before she gets to place the flowers for her grandmother, she runs in to Loredana Lanza (who now calls herself Lola.)

Loredana’s twin brother, Vittorio, had been a kind and caring person, someone who had befriended Mina as a child. Mina is shocked and saddened when she learns that he is dead; Lola told her he fell from a ladder while helping the nuns.

Loredana had been aggressive and bullying as a child and Mina would rather not have met her on her return visit.  She does not want to develop a relationship with her, but Loredana is quick to latch onto her, and drags Mini into her unsavory activities.

Mina’s friend in the travel industry has made arrangements for her to rent Professor Cervi’s flat while he was spending his summer in California. When Mina gets to know the lady who owns the building where she is staying, they form a valued friendship. Emilia Lauri is a retired lawyer, who has known Mina’s family for at least three generations, and was a friend of her mother.  Mina learns much about  her family, as well as some of the unanswered mysteries surrounding  things that have happened in the town.  In fact, Emilia is working to find the answers to some unanswered questions of her own and she has no use for Loredana Lanza.

Once again, where ever Mina is, it seems that she gets involved in danger, intrigue, and life threating situations, and Italian Summer will not disappoint you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot that Swan so skillfully wove, and while I am not going to give away any spoilers, I will say that I will certainly be reading the next book in the series to discover where Mina’s life and adventures take her.

You could read this book on its own, but I suggest you do yourself a favor and read  “Love Thy Sister” (Book One) and  “Bosom Bodies” (Book Two) first.  They are both great reads and will give you a true feel for who Mina is and the background for Italian Summer.

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