simon final kindle update

I read a broad spectrum of books, but I confess that Paranormal is not my usual choice.  I answered a request  for a review for a book tour, and the summary of the book sounded interesting, so I decided to read Simon.

  1. A. Dold captured my interest!—I will read Cades story in Book 1, and probably, Stephans in Book 3 when it is released.

I really like a series of books that will stand on their own, but still add depth and texture by building upon each other, bringing in families, friends— and enemies?(Wow—psycho Travis!).  I liked the richness of the French Quarter, the Bayous.

I liked that Rose wasn’t a hot young Twiggy, but an average person with curves and insecurities, and a painful past—a woman who found strength within to survive and overcome when faced with a terrifying situation.

And what mortal woman wouldn’t be drawn to Simon, a strong, valiant, Marine–a man who gave everything he had and more—a man who came home, seemingly broken beyond repair, lost to his human side and stuck in his wolf-shifter being. He finally meets the one person who can heal him–Rose. I liked the “love” in this book—yes there was steamy sex, but  the love that Rose and Simon shared was what tugged at my heart.

The PTSD factor was another point of interest to me. It is so prevelant amongst those who have served their countries around the world.  My heart is always touched when I consider what these people have endured, and while many come home physically disabled, I have to believe that almost all of them come back emotionally damaged to one degree or another.  I liked what Simon and Rose planned to do, to help others who came home broken and tormented.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the charactors; their extended families.

This book is full of paranormal elements-but also human heroism, pain, strength, excitement, danger, and love.  As I said, I don’t normally read Paranormal, but Dold opened a whole new world to me—and I enjoyed the journey.

Don’t miss a great read—this book can be purchased on Amazon

Although you don’t have to, I’d suggest you start with Cade’s storyand read them all! You can also purchase Cades story on Amazon