05593-frontcoverfinalbig Hang on to your sanity while you read Lorne Oliver’s latest book!

When I read the Prologue,  I felt the author couldn’t take his readers to a place more horrific.

When I reached Chapter One my nerves had a chance to settle down.  Things seemed pretty simple.   Spencer, reluctantly consents to go with his sister Chrys to help clean up a house that has been foreclosed by the bank.

When they arrive at the scene, the place is in shocking disarray.  Remnants of the lives of the previous owners are found scattered throughout the house.  It appears that they left in haste, and according to the bank that foreclosed and the neighbours, no one knew where they’d disappeared too.

At first Spencer finds the whole thing unsettling, but Chrys is still driven by curiosity…until they find the Cistern. Then they know life will never be quite the same because they’ll never be able to forget what they found inside it.

The cistern holds ugly secrets, but Spencer and Chrys soon learn it isn’t the only place where secrets lie. There are unexplained coincidences and ransacked rooms. Then there is a grisly incident in the kitchen of the family’s restaurant where Spencer works as head chef and Chrys works as a waitress.  It leaves them in no doubt that their personal security has been breached and their lives are in jeopardy.

Sometimes the things…and people who wait in the light of day are the deadliest.

This book has everything that a mystery/thriller should; heart pounding fear, mystery, danger, intrigue, deception , along with a couple of serial killers.  The plot turns and twists, leading to a conclusion that makes you know there will more great things to come. I’ll definitely be looking for the next  Alcrest  Mystery!

I became a die-hard fan of Lorne Oliver’s work when I discovered Red Island, the first book in his Sgt, Reid Series.   I loved the ending of Red Serge which is the second Sgt. Reid book and I waiting to know what Oliver’s devious mind concocts in the next one.  I’m also “dying” to know what Sgt. Reid’s first name!


The Cistern can be purchased on Amazon