Broken Wings by D.G. Torrens

The haunting reality of Broken Wings stayed with me for days after I’d read it.

Twenty six year old Angelina Ferria has experienced more pain than most people do in a lifetime; a tragic childhood followed by shattered hopes and dreams when her fiancé had been killed in a car accident three years earlier.  She’s certain she has no more room for pain, no room for a relationship.

Joshua Allen is a Bomb Disposal Expert in the British army.  He has served in Afghanistan and saw his childhood friend and comrade die when their group was attacked by insurgents only two weeks before they were due to return home to England.  He has watched his friend’s wife struggle to deal with the devastation of losing her husband.  He is haunted by his own loss.  He has vowed to not get involved until his tour of duty is over.

But fate intervenes and when Angelina and Joshua meet, it isn’t long before they are head or heels in love.

When he is sent to Afghanistan for another six months, they are both paralysed with fear and anxiety.  Angelina clings to his promise that he will return.  Joshua realises how much more he has to lose as he leaves this time.  He can barely stand to leave, but he must go.

There is so much detail and richness in Torrens writing that I felt she must have known intimately the terror of waiting each day, the pain of loss, the tragedy of war, and I felt it with Angelina.

The ending was sadly shocking; an example of the life that many real life couples are faced with as a result of the war in Afghanistan.

Broken Wings really touched me in the heart.  Don’t miss this great read.

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