May 2014


Broken Wings by D.G. Torrens

The haunting reality of Broken Wings stayed with me for days after I’d read it.

Twenty six year old Angelina Ferria has experienced more pain than most people do in a lifetime; a tragic childhood followed by shattered hopes and dreams when her fiancé had been killed in a car accident three years earlier.  She’s certain she has no more room for pain, no room for a relationship.

Joshua Allen is a Bomb Disposal Expert in the British army.  He has served in Afghanistan and saw his childhood friend and comrade die when their group was attacked by insurgents only two weeks before they were due to return home to England.  He has watched his friend’s wife struggle to deal with the devastation of losing her husband.  He is haunted by his own loss.  He has vowed to not get involved until his tour of duty is over.

But fate intervenes and when Angelina and Joshua meet, it isn’t long before they are head or heels in love.

When he is sent to Afghanistan for another six months, they are both paralysed with fear and anxiety.  Angelina clings to his promise that he will return.  Joshua realises how much more he has to lose as he leaves this time.  He can barely stand to leave, but he must go.

There is so much detail and richness in Torrens writing that I felt she must have known intimately the terror of waiting each day, the pain of loss, the tragedy of war, and I felt it with Angelina.

The ending was sadly shocking; an example of the life that many real life couples are faced with as a result of the war in Afghanistan.

Broken Wings really touched me in the heart.  Don’t miss this great read.

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Patty Wisemans books

Multi award winning, Patty Wiseman is a talented writer who has a good understanding of human emotions and reactions, and has the ability to make her readers feel like they are right there with the characters.

This 3 book series takes you to Detroit in 1929—they follow the continuing story of Ruth Squire’s life.
An Unlikely Arrangement introduces her as a spunky rebellious 17 year old who wants to explore the world and live an exciting life. After she pulls a few rebellious stunts she finds her self imprisoned in her room while her parents plot to marry her off to the milk man in an effort to save her from herself.  When she meets this man whom she has imagined would be dull and uninteresting, she finds that she likes him and is willing to accept her “fate”.
But other forces are already in play; forces of corruption, greed and she becomes the ransom that will save her home and families life style.
This first book takes you on a skillfully written journey of love, betrayal, intrigue, kidnapping and murder—at a time when the power of the Mob rules . An Unlikely Arrangement ends on a cliff hanger, that skillfully leads you into its sequel “An Unlikely Beginning”.

In An Unlikely Beginning, Ruth Squire’s and Peter Kirby (the milk man) struggle to build a relationship and get married. But this book is also riddled with secrets and crime. Peter is kidnapped and Ruth takes matters into her own hands in an effort to save him. Some of her mother’s secrets also come to light, and the reader learns that many things are not what they seem to be. This is not a case of the sins of the father being visited upon his children, it is quite the opposite.

An Unlikely Conclusion is the third and final book of the series.  It begins just after Ruth Squire and Peter Kirby finally get married. They board the train to begin their honeymoon and less than a hour later they are involved in a horrific train accident. The intensity of this dramatic event is made even more tragic by Ruth’s momentary willful and stubborn actions just before it happened. This book leads them into another series of unexpected history that they had no idea about, and their relationship is almost torn apart.
Patty Wiseman has done masterful job of penning this series in it’s historical background, bringing to life the feelings of real human beings caught in the corruption of the mob during the Roaring Twenties. Even if you don’t usually read the Historical genre, I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
The entire Velvet Shoe Collection is a worthy addition to any library!

PS>  I LOVE the covers!

Summers Desire by Kathleen Ball

4 Stars for Summers Desire; Book l of the Cowboy Series.

Everyone has a past; some are darker than others.

Young veterinarian, Holden O`Leary, has fled difficult circumstances  in Texas and moved his four younger brothers, Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John to ranch near a small town in Montana.  This is where they will build a new life for themselves, far from the ugliness of the past.  Holden places an ad for a nanny/housekeeper to look after the domestic chores while he works as a vet.

Summer Fitzgerald is running from the demons of her own when she shows up at the ranch in answer to the job opportunity.  Imagine her shock when she realises that the boys she is going to be nanny to are not small children, but strapping young males who range in age from adolescence to late teens.  The nanny role goes out the window quickly and she gradually becomes their friend and confidant.

The attraction between Holden and Summer is strong, but just when you think they`ve finally got it all together something else would come up.

All the characters are well rounded, the plot is complex and twists and turns as their pasts come back to haunt them.

If you enjoy simmering cowboy romances, with a strong dash of family drama, murder, robbery and suspense don`t miss this book.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Autums Hope by Kathleen Ball


5 Stars for Autumn’s Hope Book 2 of Cowboy Seasons Series.

by Kathleen Ball

Autumn Lavin moves from the big city to small town Carlston, Montana to start over again.  She is pregnant and on her own.  Determined to make a life for herself and her child, she buys the local Bar and Grill and sinks everything she has into it.

It has been the watering hole for beef eating, booze guzzling locals for decades, and they expect that she will carry on the tradition.  But Autumn shakes up the entire town when she put out the word that she plans to turn it into a vegetarian restaurant with a juice bar. That idea is almost an insult to the locals, who think she is plain loco to try to do this in the heart of Montana beef country.  In fact a few people are determined to stop her.

Amongst them is Jonas Barnes, who has a contract with the restaurant to supply it with beef from his ranch and has been counting on the sale of that beef to make ends meet.  He is defensive when he heads into town to see if she will honor the agreement.

The two of them butt heads on that first meeting, but neither can forget the other.  Jonas is a fair man and when the towns’ busy body calls a meeting in an effort to shut down Autumns plans, astonishingly, he speaks up and supports her right to do what she wants with the business she has purchased.

Jonas has insecurities of his own; war wounds that make him certain that no woman could love him.  But he`s never met a woman like Autumn before.

Can she make a vegetarian restaurant and juice bar work in a most unlikely place?  Could Jonas accept another man’s child?  Could Autumn see beyond the scars that war left Jonas with?  You`ll have to read the book to find out.

I loved the story of Autumn and Jonas.  Don`t miss this wonderful read.

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Winters Embrace by Kathleen Ball

4 Stars for Winter’s Embrace

I ‘ve read Summer’s Desire, Autumn’s Hope and Winter’s Embrace—I’ve become a Kathleen Ball fan!  Like the other books, Winter’s Embrace doesn’t hinge on the “will he get the girl, will she get her man” line.  She creates a depth to her characters that makes you relate to the fact that they have lived; and often their lives haven’t always been happy or satisfactory.  They are flawed, but feel realistic which is important to me.

Winter and Stone aren’t strangers—they loved each other years ago.  Stone left her without giving her a valid explanation, leaving her shattered and broken hearted. When he comes back into her life, she almost immediately finds herself out of a job.  He offers her employment looking after Rachel, who is his little girl.  Rachel is a bubbly, happy, wonderful little girl who steals Winters heart.  Stone still loves Winter, but time and again she learns that he has deceived her once more.  Even though she has never gotten over her love for him, she comes to believe she cannot trust him, and without trust a broken heart will surely be her lot.

Rachel desperately wants a mother, and she wants Winter to make her family complete, but Winter can’t take the chance of being so desperately hurt again.

Stone is constantly taking two steps forward and one back.  He has his work cut out for him.  Like many men, he can only see what he wants and his desperation makes him do things that push her even further away.

Don’t miss Winters Embrace.

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