Hopeless by Colleen HooverNormally I would never bother writing a review for a book that already has 6900 review because it certainly doesn’t need any more recognition—but this was such a wonderful book I feel I have to tell others how much I LOVED it.

This is a book about two teenagers—17 and 18 years—who have experienced dark, tough issues…abuse, betrayal, death, suicide; all linked to their childhood.  It is a sad story of being a victim, a wonderful story of survival, and the incredible strength and love they had for each other, the support they gave each other and how they helped each other move forward.

Colleen Hoover did a masterful job of weaving in the many layers that brought Linden Sky Davis and Dean Holden together; past, present and future.

Dean Holden is the bad boy/good boy who grabs your heart and holds it.  Sky Davis has lived in a world alien to most young people her age. When Dean comes into her life, he awakens memories that terrify her and while he doesn’t fully understand at first, he is terrified too. Together they unravel the tradgedy that her memories reveal.

In spite of the horrific past, the love they share is strong and loyal.  Considering the ages of the characters, this book was probably considered a YA book, but it is so much more than that.  The subject matter is deep and any woman would welcome a man like Dean; a man who made incredible love without even having sex.  I was smitten.

Don’t miss reading this.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful it is. This book would make an incredible movie.

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