The South Pacific Murders











Sylvia Massara has done it again!

I became a fan of hers when I read “The Soul Bearers” which is one of her earlier books. I have followed The Mia Ferrari Mysteries, enjoying each one. This one lived up to the expectations set when reading the others.

I enjoyed meeting Mia in this new setting, along with the usual cast of players that surround her.

Mia and friends embark on well-deserved vacation onboard a cruise ship headed for Hawaii. The only thing that makes it less than perfect is the fact that she had no idea that her arch enemy, Phil Smythe, had been included in the group. Mia is clever and smart mouthed, but she is incredibly stubborn, with a chip-on-her-shoulder when it comes to him.

The relaxing trip gets turned upside down when a passenger falls overboard. Mia is in her element when the captain of the cruise liner asks Mia and her travelling companions to take over the investigation. It is soon discovered that the man overboard was no accident—it was cold blooded murder.

Another murder happens and it becomes clear that killer is at work on the ship. As more murders occur, a pattern becomes clear; doctors from a medical convention are being murdered one by one. But why?

Mia’s young friend, Chris Rourke, is a genius at hacking into internet sites and retrieving  information. All though they are supposed to be working as team, it would give Mia great pleasure to outsmart the sexy Detective Smythe. Together she and Chris work feverishly to find a vital piece of information. As they talk to people on the ship, two tenuous clues that could uncover the identity of the killer emerge; rumors of a secret sex club and horse race  betting stubs found in the possessions of a victim. The truth eludes them till the very last moment.

Mia has stubbornly despised Phil Smythe for years, blaming him for putting an end to her intentions of becoming a policeman like her father, but in this book she learns some truly shocking things about him.

I won’t give away any secrets. You’ll have to read this entertaining book to find out what really happens.

The South Pacific Murders, A Mia Ferrari Mystery can be purchased here on Amazon