RED SERGE is described as a Mystery Thriller, Police Procedural. It’s all of that and more.

I read “Red Island” because I’m Canadian and Lorne Oliver was a new Canadian author who wrote a book set in Canada. I loved the book and when “RED SERGE” came out I was eager to read it—not because Oliver was a Canadian author with a book in a Canadian setting, but because Lorne Oliver is a darn good writer!

Sgt. Reid ( a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) is a complex man who is driven by his total commitment to his career. His marriage has been tattered by neglect and a painful obsession that started when he pursued a serial killer who murdered innocent young girls when Reid was on the force in British Columbia. The circumstances that ended that hunt have haunted him since then.

He took a transfer to a small place on the other side of Canada where life was peaceful and murder had never been a reality. His wife made him promise that he would never get involved in a homicide again. But in “Red Island”, a serial killer popped up in the unsuspecting community and Sgt. Reid could not live up to that promise. He had to help find the killer.

In RED SERGE he is once again caught in the web of a serial killer, and he can’t turn away from his duty, even though he knows it may be the last straw for his disintegrating marriage . When it’s almost too late for all of them, he comes to realize that his eleven year old daughter has been neglected too. Can he salvage his family? Can he win on all fronts?

RED SERGE is a compelling novel of murder, mystery, and suspense with a lot of dramatic turns in the plot. The characters are imperfect, believable and relatable. I could empathize with Reid’s stress, his need for comfort, his obsessive dedication to his work and the toll it took on him emotionally.

I particularly like the twist at the end of the book. You’ll have to read it to find out what happened. For me it was sheer genius!

I believe Lorne Oliver is a rising star in his field. Don’t miss the Sgt. Reid Series.

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