Untying the knot by Linda Gillard

Fay and Magnus Gillivray, in spite of and because of all their flaws and humanness, totally captured me. Magnus Gillivary, who spent the years of his productive life working with an Explosives Ordinance Disposal team, came back from the Falklands War with PTSD.

Fay had spent their entire married life wondering if the man she loved would return home alive from his periodic deployments but she stood by him.

This story has so much depth to it; a love that survives all; mental illness, even divorce.  There are many turns and twists in this plot.  I lost myself in the complexity of this book; I also appreciated the realistic glimpse Gillard gave into the effects of PTSD. She made it very real but did not let it totally overtake the story line. For me this was a “solid” piece of work and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a read with well-developed characters, true love, a soul searching story line and a glimpse into the destructive world of PTSD, a mental illness that overcomes a person when they have experienced too much and cannot let it go.

For many years now I have thought about the people who fight for our freedom and come home mentally and physically wounded. We hear about PTSD–thank you Linda Gillard for giving us a peak into that tragic world. I will definitely be reading more of Gillard’s books.

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