Bargain with a devil by gloria moulder

I believe that there could be few tragedies greater than being convicted and sentenced to prison for a crime you knew in your heart that you did not commit, nor the anguish and stigma that is extended to the innocent family who are involved in the situation.  The injustice of it would burn in your consciousness, crying out for absolution; for the truth to be told.  Only the naïve believe that the judicial system is fool proof; we see examples of its failings more than we’d like to admit.  Some people are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and at times people with notoriety, power and means can outsmart the process, sloughing off the responsibility and blame on a hapless source.


Gloria Gravitt Moulder has written this book to tell her father’s story and clear his name by revealing the true source of the tragedy in which his vehicle was only the instrument used to cause the victims death, not the true reason behind it.

Bargain With A Devil is not only the poignant story of Hugh Dorsey Gravitt who was sentenced to prison for causing the death of Margaret Mitchell (Marsh), a celebrity known as the author of Gone With The Wind.  It’s about the lives of Margret Mitchell (Marsh) and her husband, John Marsh: it is the result of painstaking research which reveals their destructive life style of deceit, manipulation, psychopathic behavior, sexual deviance, and alcoholism.

Moulder has painstakingly researched and obtained documents that support her work, and they reveal a story of corruption, injustice and abuse that is hard to deny. The information in this book is shocking and heart wrenching. This is a peek into the world behind the scenes in the lives of a proudly acclaimed couple who portrayed one image to the whole world and lived a totally different reality.

If you are interested in a page of American history, don’t miss reading this story.  It is painfully enlightening.

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