The cover of sid bells book the tests of time_The Tests of Time by Sid Bell

People of Christian persuasion or those who have questions and are seeking spiritual clarification will assuredly enjoy this book.  Sid Bell has studied the bible for over thirty years, and in his own words, “Not all those who read it will agree with the interpretation that I have presented here and have finally come to believe.  I have tried to establish credence to my interpretation by providing scripture reference for the information provided here.”

As I read “The Tests of Time”, I was intrigued by his opinions and theories; as well I learned a few things I had not remembered from my childhood.  One thing that really recommends this book is that it is is written in a simple, understandable way, with spiritual quotes that support the author’s theories.  Sid deals with many aspects of the scriptures, particularly the coming of Jesus Christ and Gods promise to mankind.  He also interprets the end times as recorded in Revelations in a very thorough way.

I will say here and now, that Sid and his wife Darlene have been good friends of my husband and I for several years.  We share many good times and lots of laughs, but while I have always been aware of Sid’s personal convictions, he and I walk different spiritual paths.  When he published this book I wanted to read it in honor of the spirit with which he has lived and the years of work and research that I know he has put into making his dream of publishing it a reality. That has not persuaded my review, because I believe reviews reflect the integrity of the people who give them.

I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking more knowledge about the scripture, or to simply gain a broader perspective of “the will of God, Jesus Christ and the end days”, which will surely come in accordance with Christian beliefs.

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