I wish I’dalpha male had this book years ago…I’m definitely married to an Alpha Male! This book has confirmed some of the traits that have frustrated me for years. I always accepted them as his personal idiosyncrasies; now I realize that they true to the nature of the man. We’ve been married for 52 years, and life has never been boring, although I have often resented his lack of interest in anything that does not concern him and his work. He sets his goals and lets nothing stand in the way of achieving them. Together we have created a good life, but through the years I have learned that confrontation does not work and I’ve learned not to ask for permission to do anything–I just do it, unless it really creates an issue, which seldom happens.  I could have used the insight of this “training” tool when I was much younger!

I found myself chuckling several times. I’m pretty certain some Alpha Men would be offended at being compared to Alpha Wolves, but if you understand anything about the hierarchy of wolves,the information in the book makes the analogy is very apt.

This book offers food for thought for anyone who is looking for a partner in life; going into a relationship with the idea of changing a person is a big mistake, so be wise and be sure that you understand the nature of the man first. Alpha Males are not easy, but if you understand how to work with them and what they bring to a relationship and what they require from it, the relationship can be very rewarding.     Learn all about them in “Alpha Male” by XX & XY

After I posted my review   on Amazon.com I recieved this comment.  I believe it is so true!

bingo says:

Thanks for the perceptive comments. You do sound as if you understand Alpha Males at this point in your life. What makes it hard for women, I think, is that our “modern” culture tells us that men are just a furrier version of women, more or less, as though men are motivated as women are, think as women do, and act along the same lines. NONE of that is true, of course, and lots of women are unfortunately led into a cul de sac because they believe the images and propaganda spewed out by today’s media. There would be fewer divorces and unhappy marriages if every woman knew what is in this book.