August 2013

The cover of sid bells book the tests of time_The Tests of Time by Sid Bell

People of Christian persuasion or those who have questions and are seeking spiritual clarification will assuredly enjoy this book.  Sid Bell has studied the bible for over thirty years, and in his own words, “Not all those who read it will agree with the interpretation that I have presented here and have finally come to believe.  I have tried to establish credence to my interpretation by providing scripture reference for the information provided here.”

As I read “The Tests of Time”, I was intrigued by his opinions and theories; as well I learned a few things I had not remembered from my childhood.  One thing that really recommends this book is that it is is written in a simple, understandable way, with spiritual quotes that support the author’s theories.  Sid deals with many aspects of the scriptures, particularly the coming of Jesus Christ and Gods promise to mankind.  He also interprets the end times as recorded in Revelations in a very thorough way.

I will say here and now, that Sid and his wife Darlene have been good friends of my husband and I for several years.  We share many good times and lots of laughs, but while I have always been aware of Sid’s personal convictions, he and I walk different spiritual paths.  When he published this book I wanted to read it in honor of the spirit with which he has lived and the years of work and research that I know he has put into making his dream of publishing it a reality. That has not persuaded my review, because I believe reviews reflect the integrity of the people who give them.

I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking more knowledge about the scripture, or to simply gain a broader perspective of “the will of God, Jesus Christ and the end days”, which will surely come in accordance with Christian beliefs.

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When I looked through my posts, I realized that a visitor might wonder if I just give every book 4 or 5 stars.  I DO NOT DO THAT!  I read many, many books, and I have a personal policy.

I always read the book, no matter how good or bad I think it is.  I never give bad or derogatory reviews:  no matter what I think of the book, the author has put their time and energy into it…and someone else might like it, so I simply don’t write a review if I don’t like it.

If a book has a lot of positive reviews (over 100) I don’t write a review unless I’m really impressed, because the author is well supported and I feel my time and energy are better spent helping a less known author or book.

I only write reviews for books that I feel I can honestly give 5, 4 or 3 stars.

I just wanted my readers to know that my reviews are written with sincerity and a purpose to give readers my impression of the book.

Enjoy a great read!


Courage of the Heart.

Adam Sherman is a computer expert and a womanizer who is dedicated to “Bedding but not Wedding.” When he becomes aware of Davie Prescott, a twenty year old student who works part time at the same place that he does, he pursues her.

Davie feels an equal attraction, but she is not an average 20 year old. When Adam makes his move to take her to bed, she confesses that she is still a virgin. His reaction is the exact opposite to what she might have expected; he is not thrilled that he is her first. In fact he pulls away in shock and says he will not make love to her. Then he gets out of the bedroom as fast as he can.

Davie is humiliated and angered, assuming that her lack of experience had been a turn off for him.

Adam is still attracted to her and tries to smooth the troubled situation between them, but she is not willing to open up to him again. Adam has a dark secret that he has been hiding, but eventually his past catches up to him in his work place. He shares his secret with Davie and is shocked that she doesn’t turn away in disgust; instead she is supportive. Then he learns that she has been hiding a secret too. They both have deep emotional wounds, and together they help each other come to terms with the problems that have created turmoil in their lives. Their commitment to each other gives them the courage to face their problems and make a new life.

I really enjoyed this book. It was fast paced, full of twists and turns, mystery, danger and tragedy. I cared for these two characters. I was reminded again that sometimes people have no control over the circumstances in their lives and without love and support from family and community, they flounder in shame and fear.

Don’t miss a great read. I’ll be looking for more books from Chelle Cordero.

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contract for marriage

This review is from: Contract for Marriage (Entangled Indulgence) (Kindle Edition)

Frankly I was totally seduced by the story plot, the characters of Christos and Ruby, and the high level of sexual tension that crackled between them.

Ten years have passed when her mother dies and a pregnant Ruby comes back to New Zealand to claim her old home; the property that has been in the family for generations; the birthright that she passionately desires to hand down to her child.

Many things have changed in her absence. Her teenage lover, Christos, is no longer the house keeper’s poverty stricken son. Driven by anger at Ruby’s perceived betrayal and the need to prove to the world, especially Ruby’s arrogant father, that he was more than a mere servants son, he has worked hard, making good decisions and become one of the richest men in New Zealand. Ten years earlier, Ruby’s father had banned him from this house when he discovered he and Ruby were lovers. It was beneath his social status to have his daughter dating the son of the hired help. Now he plans to defy his youthful social standing and make the house his own.

To her shock, Ruby learns that half of the home she assumed would be hers is owned by the one man who broke her heart. He thinks he can just pay her out and get rid of her but he has no idea how much she wants to share the foundation of her roots with her child. When Christos realizes that money won’t sway her, he comes up with the idea of a marriage contract. They will share the house, sleep in their own rooms and he will take on the responsibility of her child.

Betrayal and broken trust sabotage this contract before it is signed; the signatures on the paper seal a deal for a marriage of convenience between two people who have vowed to never trust each other again, and never open their hearts to love. While they cannot fight their sexual chemistry, they both know that sex between consenting adults is just sex and does not equate love. Can they keep their hearts out of it? They are both determined that they will.

I totally enjoyed the read and highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a fast paced romantic read. (PS–this is not a vagina pounder; it is very sensuous and steamy. Perfectly done!)

You can purchase Contract for Marriage on Amazon

I wish I’dalpha male had this book years ago…I’m definitely married to an Alpha Male! This book has confirmed some of the traits that have frustrated me for years. I always accepted them as his personal idiosyncrasies; now I realize that they true to the nature of the man. We’ve been married for 52 years, and life has never been boring, although I have often resented his lack of interest in anything that does not concern him and his work. He sets his goals and lets nothing stand in the way of achieving them. Together we have created a good life, but through the years I have learned that confrontation does not work and I’ve learned not to ask for permission to do anything–I just do it, unless it really creates an issue, which seldom happens.  I could have used the insight of this “training” tool when I was much younger!

I found myself chuckling several times. I’m pretty certain some Alpha Men would be offended at being compared to Alpha Wolves, but if you understand anything about the hierarchy of wolves,the information in the book makes the analogy is very apt.

This book offers food for thought for anyone who is looking for a partner in life; going into a relationship with the idea of changing a person is a big mistake, so be wise and be sure that you understand the nature of the man first. Alpha Males are not easy, but if you understand how to work with them and what they bring to a relationship and what they require from it, the relationship can be very rewarding.     Learn all about them in “Alpha Male” by XX & XY

After I posted my review   on I recieved this comment.  I believe it is so true!

bingo says:

Thanks for the perceptive comments. You do sound as if you understand Alpha Males at this point in your life. What makes it hard for women, I think, is that our “modern” culture tells us that men are just a furrier version of women, more or less, as though men are motivated as women are, think as women do, and act along the same lines. NONE of that is true, of course, and lots of women are unfortunately led into a cul de sac because they believe the images and propaganda spewed out by today’s media. There would be fewer divorces and unhappy marriages if every woman knew what is in this book.