First of all, I love the cover of this book!


I thoroughly enjoyed the read as well.  As he did in Ruptured, Tarrek Refaat has, once again, delivered a many faceted portrayal of his characters emotions, thoughts and interactions.

What is love?  Where do you look for it?  Does it fulfill you?  Does it cause you to sacrifice your freedom?  Who can you trust?  Male or female, most people want to find love, but in our complicated world many are wary, afraid of being hurt or taken advantage of.

Four women, who are long time friends, come from varied backgrounds and different experiences.  They struggle with their individual perceptions and desires. They support each other and offer advice, but in the end, each individual has to trust their own heart.

The men they meet have the same desires and insecurities.  Some are deceptive scoundrels; others fight for what they want with determination; others recoil from rejection and watch their dreams slip away.   Ultimately, each individual has to decide to take a risk if they really want to get the prize.

To get anything, you have to be willing to give something in return and the truth is, and you’ll often find love in the least expected places.

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I highly recommend Ribbons and Heels as a great read.  Enjoy!