kool-aid & cariboo stew

This book is a delightful collection of the experiences of a young couple who immigrated to Canada in 1979, to start life anew in a country that offered personal freedom and room to expand and grow that was not possible in their densely populated homeland.

It is filled with their wonder as they experience a different culture; language barriers, confusion, happiness, difficult and painful times, and their Swiss families disapproval and  unwillingness to accept that they would forsake their homeland and family, to embrace a strange new world.

Verena and her husband were not your normal run-of-the-mill people.  They were curious and adventuresome; this was evident when they chose to go to the “end of the earth” to get married in Barrow, Alaska.

I often laughed out loud, as I read Verena’s honest and hilarious portrayals of their experiences in their new homeland.  I have to admit,the title of the book threw me; I thought it would relate to living in the Cariboo, but it doesn’t and it has a wonderful significance in the story.

The introduction to the book says that it will appeal to immigrants, but I am not an immigrant and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Last fall I also purchased an audio version of the book, read by the author.  It enhanced my enjoyment even more.  Ms. Berger’s voice brings to life in a very personal way, the reality of the families experiences and I enjoyed her stories again on a totally different level.

Do not miss this wonderful collection of stories.  Look for this book in your local book stores, at xlibris.com, Amazon.com or contact verenaberger.com.  And do yourself a special favour and by the audio version as well. Also check  out Verena Berger on Goodreads, and after you have finished the book,kindly leave a review!