The Scared Crow by Steve Caresser.

This was an engaging book from beginning to end. It portrays a family whose life is filled with love and caring.  Steve and Chris Cran have chosen a simple life, recently purchasing a small farm that has an old two story house (with an attic) and a huge barn. They have a variety of animals, including “Loopy” a 5 year old Australian Shepherd who has adopted their family and sleeps with their ten year old son, Jason,every night.  They have a market garden, as well as a corn patch.

Mysterious things start happening and Jason is usually at the center of them.  First he is “attacked” by a gigantic crow after he throws rocks at it when it is picking at a cob of corn in the corn patch. Then they find a steel arrow at the base of the tree where he had been standing when he first saw the crow. As time goes by there are more and more incidents; all leading Steve and Chris to wonder if someone seriously means harm to Jason.  The crow is there every time—but no one can understand why this is happening.  Will anyone be able to protect Jason before something terrible happens—and why Jason?.

There are many twists and turns in the plot and I have to admit that every time I thought I had figured out what was going on, there would be another twist.

This was a wonderful earthy story. I enjoyed reading about the family’s daily lives and the back to basic things that were part of that life. But it became extraordinary when the author added the various levels of mystery and intrigue; the gigantic crow, steel arrows, a map for a treasure buried on the farm and the apparent attempts on young Jason’s life .

What and who was behind those actions.  I never really knew until the end of the book.  A great story, a true mystery and a book that can be read by all ages. A job well done!

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Steve Caresser is a multitalented man–I knew him as an ebook formatter, and the owner of, a wine maker and a romantic poet.  I was surprised to discover that he writes fiction too.