October 2012


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A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South)
I had not read any of Giacomo (Jim) Giammatteo’s work before, but I am a big fan of action packed, hard edged crime stories and I loved A Bullet For Carlos (Blood Flows South).

Detective Connie Gianelli is a wonderfully human, determined woman whose values have been formed by her life experiences. Years before, Connie’s “mother” had refused to marry the love of her life, Dominic Mangini because she could not accept his mobster lifestyle, but she would not marry anyone else either. Dominic was who his was–he could not change; but he loved Maria Gianelli unconditionally and faithfully.

The story opens with a violent mobstyle murder and the unexpected complication of a baby girl found in a backroom. On the “job” Dominic Mangini is a violent, merciless mobster, but in his private life he is a devoted, loving man who cannot leave a child to die. He thinks of Maria, and he knows that now he can give her one thing he has cheated her of–a child. He takes the baby to her and convinces her that it was abandoned in the cold on a street corner and that it was god’s gift to her. Reluctantly, but joyfully, Maria embraces the child, whom she calls Concetta. Through the years the child grows up loving her “uncle” Dominic who instills strong Italian family traditions in her–“family is everything” and he is there to protect Connie and Maria, a strong fatherly influence in their family.

When Connie eventually learns that Dominic is actually a mobster she is stunned and she despises him. She joins the police force, in defiance of what he is and does–determined to represent law and justice. Connie Gianelle becomes known “Brooklyn’s toughest cop” as she and her team doggedly bring down drug dealers and bad guys. Then one night a drug bust goes bad, and her fellow members are killed. Connie knows she will be next to die. Desperate, she phones uncle Dominic for help, which comes immediately.

Inside the police force rumours about mob family connections have shadowed her career in the past, but now hard question arise–why was she the only one to survive? Why had basic procedure been circumvented? Why wasn’t back-up in place? Why had one of her fellow police officers called a mobster? Where did the drugs go? Internal Affairs is investigating her convinced that she is dirty, the police chief wants to bury her, take away her badge. Connie refuses to go easily, so she is assigned to a desk job solving cold cases. She does her job, but is determined to work behind the scenes to clear her name and find out what really happened in that dark alley on that fateful night.

The heart of “A Bullet For Carlos” takes off from this point.

Giammatteo has crafted a masterful piece of work. The plot is convoluted; filled with tenacity, adventure, violence, love and family tradition and loyalty, good guys, bad guys. The characters become real people that you can relate to; some you root for, others you intensely dislike and some that you can’t help but admire and yet despise at the same time.

When I came to the last paragraph I felt justice had been served and I was satisfied. Then I realised that in one sense it had been, but in another, I had actually been led to the edge of a cliff and would have to wait for the next book in the series to discover “the rest of the story.” And I will be first in line to read it.

I so liked Giammatteo`s work that I immediately downloaded “Murder Takes Time” and read it. I’m a diehard fan now. If you like great characters, and a hard edged plot filled action, don’t miss this book. It will keep you riveted from beginning to end. This book would make a great movie!

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A Hunting We Did Go

True Mountain Adventures

by Lloyd Antypowich


Join true-blue outdoors man Lloyd Antypowich as he shares with you his riveting experiences in the mountains in A Hunting We Did GoIn this book you will bask in the beauty of nature and enjoy the invigorating scenery from high up in the mountains.

You will also learn some of the most stunning and fascinating insights about hunting animals. Learning their natural instincts and finding out their true primordial powers. So what are you waiting for? Take a trip away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in this one-of-a-kind book that will send you on an adventurous hunting journey like never before!

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Stephanie D.   4/5

“You Can Run” by Gloria Antypowich, Book Two of the ‘Thompson Family Trilogy’, is more than a feel good story, although that is what it also is. Shauna Lee has undergone some very unpleasant experiences in her life that have left her vulnerable, and an emotional mess. She feels good by working excessively hard and bringing men home for one night stands, telling herself that it is all she wants and needs. But Brad Johnson enters her life, and he knows better. He can see that Shauna Lee is trying to bury something and he knows she’ll be able to heal and move on only if she can let it out. He takes this on as a challenge, but Shauna Lee is not necessarily grateful or appreciative. However, he is nothing if not persistent but Shauna Lee is stubborn and very self-willed. What is going to happen with two such immutable opponents? There is a lot of depth to this book. You are drawn right into the characters’ complex lives (and can only admire Brad’s iron self-control)! You get to know the whole of them. The author has a highly readable and approachable style, and can turn her hand equally to sensual romance, thrilling suspense, bleak suffering and hate-filled violence. The plot is interesting with unforeseen twists on the way. And there is completeness in the story as certain things turn full circle. The writing is well-paced, entertaining and also informative. You get to see inside ranching, which is a fascinating extra. Like a ranch, this story is a dusty, gritty slice of real life.

readers favorite 5 star review

Alice D.

5.0 / 5

Shauna Lee Holt is a good friend of the Thompson family and runs an accounting and bookkeeping service in the Thompson family’s town of Swift Current in Saskatchewan, Canada. But Shauna Holt’s real name is LeeAnn Bergeron and she has a past that is closed off from her present life. When Colt Thompson’s friend, Brad Johnson, moves into town, he and Shauna become close, despite the fact that she is used to picking up men for weekend sex and nothing more. Brad calls Shauna “Tweetie Bird” and gets her to open up bit by bit about the horrors of her younger life. She watched as her father ran over her younger brother with a tractor and then shot Shauna’s beloved horse as he expressed his fury and sorrow. She lived with a man who murdered their developmentally disabled infant son. Then Colt hires a man called Patch and Shauna’s past comes rushing back. “You Can Run…”, the second book in the ‘Thompson Family Trilogy’, is well-written and will draw the reader into the events in the lives of Colt and Frankie Thompson and their family and friends in the town of Swift Current. The main character Shauna Lee Holt or LeeAnn Bergeron is totally believable as a survivor of a horrific young life. The supporting character of Brad who Shauna comes to love, trust and eventually marry is created believably and works nicely as a friend with the Thompsons and fits well into the theme of life in western Canada. Readers will love this second volume in this delightful series and then will clamour for the third and final book in the trilogy.

Book Review

Reviewed by Molly E. for Readers Favorite

Ms. Antypowich is a new author to me. This is her second book in her ‘Thompson Family Trilogy’ and is written in an incredibly amazing manner. I was captured completely, from start to finish, and by the end of the book, I was left with a whirlwind of jaw-dropping emotions and a pounding heart. This is the second book in her trilogy, but the first that I have read. Although I hadn’t read the first, I was not overly confused to the point of disappointment. “You Can Run” takes the reader on a journey of turmoil, heartache, romance, and devotion. Shauna Lee is a woman filled with pain. She has secrets from her past that she is keeping buried deep inside her. She lets no one into her heart, and to fulfill any lonely time, she seeks men who are not willing to commit. Then she meets Brad Johnson. Brad Johnson is a man who knows what he wants and he wants Shauna Lee. From the minute he sets eyes on her, he knows he wants to commit to her and only her. But, something is wrong in her heart. She is not opening up to him. She is keeping something from her past deeply hidden and she won’t reveal her secrets to him. But, he is determined to win her trust and show her that she can take the ultimate risk and fall in love with him.

As the lives of Brad and Shauna Lee collide, the reader is swept into a dramatic journey of hope, understanding, lies and love. The roller coaster ride that Ms. Antypowich takes us on in this book is breathtaking. Each page brings something new to the story and creates a vivid description of heart-wrenching love. I definitely recommend this book to everyone who is looking for a book that is well-developed, has complex and believable characters, and will instantly tug you in. It is not for the faint of heart though. There are things among the pages of the book that will leave you near tears at times. But, ultimately, you will see that you can’t always run from something that is meant to be. Amazingly done, Ms. Antypowich!



The Scared Crow by Steve Caresser.

This was an engaging book from beginning to end. It portrays a family whose life is filled with love and caring.  Steve and Chris Cran have chosen a simple life, recently purchasing a small farm that has an old two story house (with an attic) and a huge barn. They have a variety of animals, including “Loopy” a 5 year old Australian Shepherd who has adopted their family and sleeps with their ten year old son, Jason,every night.  They have a market garden, as well as a corn patch.

Mysterious things start happening and Jason is usually at the center of them.  First he is “attacked” by a gigantic crow after he throws rocks at it when it is picking at a cob of corn in the corn patch. Then they find a steel arrow at the base of the tree where he had been standing when he first saw the crow. As time goes by there are more and more incidents; all leading Steve and Chris to wonder if someone seriously means harm to Jason.  The crow is there every time—but no one can understand why this is happening.  Will anyone be able to protect Jason before something terrible happens—and why Jason?.

There are many twists and turns in the plot and I have to admit that every time I thought I had figured out what was going on, there would be another twist.

This was a wonderful earthy story. I enjoyed reading about the family’s daily lives and the back to basic things that were part of that life. But it became extraordinary when the author added the various levels of mystery and intrigue; the gigantic crow, steel arrows, a map for a treasure buried on the farm and the apparent attempts on young Jason’s life .

What and who was behind those actions.  I never really knew until the end of the book.  A great story, a true mystery and a book that can be read by all ages. A job well done!

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Steve Caresser is a multitalented man–I knew him as an ebook formatter, and the owner of eprintedbooks.com, a wine maker and a romantic poet.  I was surprised to discover that he writes fiction too.

Reviewed by Kristie I. for Readers Favorite

“You Can Run…” by Gloria Antypowich is book two of the ‘Thompson Family Trilogy’ and it is a book that the reader will be hooked on from start to finish. Shauna Lee is a successful business woman running her own business and handling accounts for many including her ex-fiancee, Colt Thompson; however, she holds back from personal, intimate relationships. Shauna Lee has flings, but not anything that is going to go anywhere long-term. Shauna Lee meets Brad one night while out with another man and Colt introduces the two of them. Brad is determined to find out more about Shauna Lee and break through the wall that she keeps between herself and others. Shauna Lee is not ready to share her secrets, hurts and her past with anyone, but does Shauna really want to continue living life as she has been doing?

I started reading this book, but then decided to read book one first. I am so glad I did that as I felt I got so much more out of this book than I would have if I had not read book one. The characters are all so likable and I enjoyed reading about Frankie and Colt and their story in book one and continuing on with them in this book as well. There is so much more to Shauna Lee than what she presents and shares with others and the author does a great job at developing the relationship between Shauna Lee and Brad and how he chips away at her front and gets to know the real Shauna Lee. This book is easy to get into as the style of writing is enjoyable and the characters are people you would love to meet and are “real” as they could be the neighbors next door. A great series and I am looking forward to reading book three of the trilogy.