I love fall! When I went to bed last night a band of mauvey pink trimmed the horizon for 180 degrees south and west  and the dome of the sky above  was crystal clear.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We haven’t had a killing frost yet and both hubby and I thought this would be the night–there was a sharp chill in the air.

It was early–before 8PM. I was computer weary and I watch very little TV these days; there’s too much politics, violence and unpleasantness for me, so I escape and relax with my Kindle in bed. I wanted to finish reading Freedom Road by TM Souders.  I was almost finished and I wanted to see how it ended.  It is a wonderful story of a  courageous eighteen year old whose  guitar has anchored her, given her solace, hope  and dreams of a future, until a bizarre incident robs her of all that it meant to her. As she fights her way back, a twelve years old boy and a wonderful young man become her support system.  I finished it early and after I lay and thought about it for a while, I thumbed through my Kindle list and decided to read Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace.  It is not a long book and once I got started reading I didn’t want to quit so I read until I was finished–at 2 AM.  Not a good plan for me–about 3 hours past my sleep time but oh how I enjoyed the read!

I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning and I’d had a sound sleep–which is not always the case when I stay up too late.  The sky was clear again, but the fog that hadn’t been in the valley yesterday morning, was back today.  The grass looked like it had frost on it, but the air from the open patio door didn’t feel that cold.  I got up and checked the temperature–it was 6 degrees Celsius–we’d missed the crippling touch of Jack Frost once again. The grass had be laden with a heavy dew instead. I checked occasionally and noticed the fog was reaching up, trailing higher until it filled in the lower areas around our house here on the hill.  Finally it enfolded us in it gossamer cloak.  Then as I sat in my office looking out the window, the sun rose and the fog started to dissipate. Suddenly, in what seemed to be a blink of the eye, it was gone.  The sky was crystal clear again, and the land was bathed by the brightness of the sun!

Another perfect Fall day!!