Prophecy of the Flame - Love's DawningProphesy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy

I confess—sci-fi is not usually my read; I’m more into contemporary romance or adventure and murder mysteries.  But every once in a while I step out of character and go on the “wildside”– and that is what this book was for me—it was full of fast moving adventure, characters with strengths and flaws, grotesque and terrifying enemies, determined warriors, romantic tension and MAGIC!

Rebecca and her fellow gamers slide from a fun filled day in the twenty first century into an old world dimension; a world where she is welcomed as the fulfillment of a prophesy and revered as the saviour of the Kingdom of Cuthburan, which is being threatened by a grotesque enemy. She finds herself known as Archmage, Reba and she has magical powers that she could have only imagined in the twenty first century.

The characters are well written, and portray strengths and flaws. There is romantic tension; Alex the prince of Cuthburan is a womanizer, challenged by the fact that Reba resists his powers of persuasion.  His younger brother Szames becomes her strong ally, her confidant, someone she relys on; but does he want more? Does she want more? Will she resist both of them and remain true to the marriage vows she took in the 21st century.

Will she lead them to victory over the enemy? Will she fulfill the Prophecy of the Flame? You’ll have to read it to find out. The book was like the fourth of July; rocket speed adventure and fireworks galore.  I read in bed before I go to sleep, and I confess, I took a couple of afternoon rests so I could read!

I enjoyed the read and was hooked by the cliff hanger ending.  Now I’ll have to step onto the “wild side” again and read the next one to find out what happens next. Will she go back to the 21st century as she proclaims she wants to, or will she literally fulfill the entire prophecy?

I recommend it to any one who enjoys sci-fi and a great read.

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NOTE:  I read many books. If I don’t like a book I simply do not leave a review, rather than say something against a read that someone else might enjoy.