Last night I finished reading Prophecy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy; a book full of other world mystique,  magic spells and romance. This morning when I walked into the kitchen, I looked out over the valley and caught a vision of earthly mystique and the magic of natures romance.

We live on a hill that overlooks a valley below. Our view stretches beyond it, across the hills and draws, to the Woodjam hills on the horizon.  The scene changes with the seasons and the weather. The Horsefly river runs along the edge of the valley.  We are slipping into fall here. The evenings are moderate, the mornings cool and crisp. Fog forms over the river and drifts through the valleys and draws.

This morning it could have been a scene in a fantasy movie. A heavy layer of fog followed the river for miles, tendrils reaching out, seeping through the valley and into each draw for as far as I could see. The tops of the  conifer tress were ghostly as they poked through the white mist that blanketed everything below it. Yet here on our hilltop the air was crisp and clear, waiting for the expected brilliance of sunshine to fill the day.

Half an hour later the sun kept that promise. The brightness of it’s light bathed the pasture where the horses were grazing in front of the house, turning the dew covered grass into a sparkling green carpet. The tendrils of fog retreated from the valley below, revealing the green of the farmer’s hay field and the river became a glinting silver ribbon along its edge.  The conifers stood tall, the brushes and deciduous trees revealed threads of gold that will weave itself through the fabric of their fall tapestry

The mystical spell disperses, but later when I look there are still isolated pockets of white mist hovering in the distance. Within minutes the warmth and power of the sun-magi overcomes it. The earth is left sparkling and full of promise for another day.

There is magic in this world!