September 2012

Freedom Road

I read Waiting On Hope  by T.M. Souders and I was totally captivated by it, so I looked forward to reading  her new book, Freedom Road.  Souders is a wonderful story teller and I was hooked from the first paragraph.  What kind of a father lops his child’s finger off?

From that first paragraph I was drawn into the world of eighteen year old Sam (Samantha) Becker.  Her dysfunctional family (an alcoholic mother and a tyrannical father) has left deep scars and Sam has built a wall around herself, keeping everybody at a distance emotionally. The one thing she has held dear; the one thing that has comforted her through grief, loneliness, confusion and anger is her guitar. Playing it has given her solace, carried her away from her tumultuous world and fostered a dream of a new future.

She carry’s that dream deep in heart, until there is an incident in which her father lops her finger off–her fret finger.  She is angry and disconsolate  as she contemplates what this loss means to her.

Sam learns who her friends are, she learns how calculating her father is, she reconnects with her mother, she finds support from Tad Mitchell, a twelve year old boy who hero-worships her and Laird Brian, who is interested in connecting with the person who hides behind the wall. Both these new friends encourage her to take control of her life and support her as she struggles.

Sam is a courageous, determined young woman who learns many things about herself, her life and her dysfunctional family as she fights to find her place in life.

This is a story that tugged at my heart.  I felt for Sam, laughed with her, cried with her,  felt her anger, her uncertainty, her determination and the stirrings of love for both Tad and Laird. The characters were well rounded, the plot had enough twists and turns to hold my attention and there was  a sense of realism about the entire book.

This is a wonderful story for anyone from 14 to 95.  I highly recommend it!

You can purchase this book on Amazon in both ebook and print format

I love fall! When I went to bed last night a band of mauvey pink trimmed the horizon for 180 degrees south and west  and the dome of the sky above  was crystal clear.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We haven’t had a killing frost yet and both hubby and I thought this would be the night–there was a sharp chill in the air.

It was early–before 8PM. I was computer weary and I watch very little TV these days; there’s too much politics, violence and unpleasantness for me, so I escape and relax with my Kindle in bed. I wanted to finish reading Freedom Road by TM Souders.  I was almost finished and I wanted to see how it ended.  It is a wonderful story of a  courageous eighteen year old whose  guitar has anchored her, given her solace, hope  and dreams of a future, until a bizarre incident robs her of all that it meant to her. As she fights her way back, a twelve years old boy and a wonderful young man become her support system.  I finished it early and after I lay and thought about it for a while, I thumbed through my Kindle list and decided to read Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace.  It is not a long book and once I got started reading I didn’t want to quit so I read until I was finished–at 2 AM.  Not a good plan for me–about 3 hours past my sleep time but oh how I enjoyed the read!

I didn’t wake up until 7 this morning and I’d had a sound sleep–which is not always the case when I stay up too late.  The sky was clear again, but the fog that hadn’t been in the valley yesterday morning, was back today.  The grass looked like it had frost on it, but the air from the open patio door didn’t feel that cold.  I got up and checked the temperature–it was 6 degrees Celsius–we’d missed the crippling touch of Jack Frost once again. The grass had be laden with a heavy dew instead. I checked occasionally and noticed the fog was reaching up, trailing higher until it filled in the lower areas around our house here on the hill.  Finally it enfolded us in it gossamer cloak.  Then as I sat in my office looking out the window, the sun rose and the fog started to dissipate. Suddenly, in what seemed to be a blink of the eye, it was gone.  The sky was crystal clear again, and the land was bathed by the brightness of the sun!

Another perfect Fall day!!

Prophecy of the Flame - Love's DawningProphesy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy

I confess—sci-fi is not usually my read; I’m more into contemporary romance or adventure and murder mysteries.  But every once in a while I step out of character and go on the “wildside”– and that is what this book was for me—it was full of fast moving adventure, characters with strengths and flaws, grotesque and terrifying enemies, determined warriors, romantic tension and MAGIC!

Rebecca and her fellow gamers slide from a fun filled day in the twenty first century into an old world dimension; a world where she is welcomed as the fulfillment of a prophesy and revered as the saviour of the Kingdom of Cuthburan, which is being threatened by a grotesque enemy. She finds herself known as Archmage, Reba and she has magical powers that she could have only imagined in the twenty first century.

The characters are well written, and portray strengths and flaws. There is romantic tension; Alex the prince of Cuthburan is a womanizer, challenged by the fact that Reba resists his powers of persuasion.  His younger brother Szames becomes her strong ally, her confidant, someone she relys on; but does he want more? Does she want more? Will she resist both of them and remain true to the marriage vows she took in the 21st century.

Will she lead them to victory over the enemy? Will she fulfill the Prophecy of the Flame? You’ll have to read it to find out. The book was like the fourth of July; rocket speed adventure and fireworks galore.  I read in bed before I go to sleep, and I confess, I took a couple of afternoon rests so I could read!

I enjoyed the read and was hooked by the cliff hanger ending.  Now I’ll have to step onto the “wild side” again and read the next one to find out what happens next. Will she go back to the 21st century as she proclaims she wants to, or will she literally fulfill the entire prophecy?

I recommend it to any one who enjoys sci-fi and a great read.

You can purchase this book on Amazon 

You can learn more about Lynn Hardy on her personal site

NOTE:  I read many books. If I don’t like a book I simply do not leave a review, rather than say something against a read that someone else might enjoy.

Last night I finished reading Prophecy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy; a book full of other world mystique,  magic spells and romance. This morning when I walked into the kitchen, I looked out over the valley and caught a vision of earthly mystique and the magic of natures romance.

We live on a hill that overlooks a valley below. Our view stretches beyond it, across the hills and draws, to the Woodjam hills on the horizon.  The scene changes with the seasons and the weather. The Horsefly river runs along the edge of the valley.  We are slipping into fall here. The evenings are moderate, the mornings cool and crisp. Fog forms over the river and drifts through the valleys and draws.

This morning it could have been a scene in a fantasy movie. A heavy layer of fog followed the river for miles, tendrils reaching out, seeping through the valley and into each draw for as far as I could see. The tops of the  conifer tress were ghostly as they poked through the white mist that blanketed everything below it. Yet here on our hilltop the air was crisp and clear, waiting for the expected brilliance of sunshine to fill the day.

Half an hour later the sun kept that promise. The brightness of it’s light bathed the pasture where the horses were grazing in front of the house, turning the dew covered grass into a sparkling green carpet. The tendrils of fog retreated from the valley below, revealing the green of the farmer’s hay field and the river became a glinting silver ribbon along its edge.  The conifers stood tall, the brushes and deciduous trees revealed threads of gold that will weave itself through the fabric of their fall tapestry

The mystical spell disperses, but later when I look there are still isolated pockets of white mist hovering in the distance. Within minutes the warmth and power of the sun-magi overcomes it. The earth is left sparkling and full of promise for another day.

There is magic in this world!

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Subject: Hearts At Risk
Hi Gloria,

When I saw your 2nd book for sale at Suzanne’s, I knew it was time I got on the band wagon and started with your first.
Fortunately, she had one copy of your first … so I bought both.

Hearts at Risk was a lovely love story. It was fun to read. I am looking forward to read its sequel.
Keep up the great work.
Mary Lou Morris

Another Chance

I loved this story set in 1879 in Montana; a time when men ruled in society. Women were expected to obey, support their husband’s ideas and be wives, mothers and homemakers. God forbid that one would become a veterinarian–that was a man’s world and there was no place for a woman in it. When Jillian Matthews came to fill the position of the towns veterinarian, the whole community was outraged. Some of the men would have let their animals die before they would call upon her–but when faced with a crisis, their woman and children were not totally controlled!

The first thing I noticed was Beatties flair for description of her characters and their environment. Immediately she made me feel like I was there with them, I could see, smell and feel what was going on. That is what I look for in an author’s works.

I loved Jillian Matthews spunk and the fact that she would not cower or back down from her goals; yet she was flexible enough to change if she could see merit in it.

Wade Parker was widower who had inherited a difficult financial situation when his father died, as well as a load of emotional baggage from his marriage. His views about a woman’s desire to have a career had been coloured by the thinking of the times. His honest character (and his strong mother) made him support Jillian in the community, but he tried to fight his growing attraction because he felt he could not have a relationship with a woman who would insist on working–one who would not find him to be “enough” for her. But he was not so stubborn that he could not accept change when he knew it was right to.

There were many twists that made this book interesting. It gave a peek into a time when society was driven by male dominance. It had women who followed their path in spite of that dominance. It had intrigue, suspense, romance, sensuality, good guys and bad guys.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a great read with a historical western theme, that has intrigue, suspence, strong women, a love that grows and the sensuous tension that drives it.

You can purchase this book on Amazon
To learn more about Michelle Beattie  check out her author profile.  She is a very accomplished, award winning author, from Alberta, Canada