August 2012

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This book captured me from the beginning to the end. The characters were so real to me that I could submerse myself in their feelings and emotions. I could share Lauren McKinnon’s feelings; her guilt, her self-recrimination, and her grief over the past and her shock when Matt Skarpinsky appeared in her life again.

Just as real were Matt Skarpinksy’s feelings of anger and betrayal toward her. I could feel his confusion, his grief, his loyalty to his friend Gil, and his conflicted feelings of love and hate for Lauren.

And I loved how Gil slipped in and out of the story, nudging them toward understanding of what had really happened 4 years earlier, when the three of them had been close friends. He subtly encouraged them to find their way to truth and forgiveness, truly wanting his old friends to find happiness.

I also love, love, loved that the story was situated in Jasper, Alberta; a place of exquisite beauty and one that I am familiar with. I was totally blown away when I discovered that Michelle Beattie is an Albertan also.

I look forward to reading more of Beattie’s work and highly recommend Love by Accident to anyone who enjoys a heart touching romance.

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To learn more about Michelle Beattie  check out her author profile.  She is a very accomplished, award winning author.

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