I haven’t blogged much lately and I am behind on six book reviews!–I’ve been totally involved in editing and working on my husbands memoir, which he is publishing through iUniverse.  It has many pictures in it, which verify his story, but that creates a lot of work.  After the manuscript was sent in we were told that all the pictures had to be taken out and place holders inserted. Of course you have to be careful to keep an accurate list of the placeholder numbers and the picture that goes in each spot, so the book is not chaos.

I recently had cataract surgery on my left eye and it hasn’t been a long enough period of time for my eye to adjust so I can get new glasses to compensate for the change yet; so it has been interesting!  Our good friends, Sharron and Mel Hynes were here this week. Sharron is much better at using Photoshop Pro 4X for correcting the pictures than I am, so she has taken over that project for me.

She is also a great editor and proof reader. She has been my “second pair of eyes”  for my novels Hearts At Risk and You Can Run, and now she is going to edit and proofread my husbands memoirs as well.  I will still have to reset the list of pictures and insert the “fixed” pictures , but I feel like I can breathe again!

Thank you to my good friend, Sharron Hynes!