June 2012

Everyone–please show your dad how much you love and appreciate him today.

I’m certain everyone of us has been guilty of taking our parents for granted at times.  I know I did–we all get so involved in our own lives that we don’t take time to think about and appreciate how much they do for us or express our thoughts to them. Good fathers, play multiple roles in the lives of their children.  They are a source of strength, affection and comfort.  They are teachers, listeners, playmates, role models, disciplinarians, providers and examples.   The impressions and influence of a father, good or bad, plays a large role in the life of a child for a life time.

My father died several years ago, but I still remember him with loving thoughts. He wasn’t perfect; nobody is.  But he was among the best.  He was a good parent, a good husband (which in my books is one of the most important influences in a child’s life), he did fun things with us kids, he  lived by his principles, he was a fair disciplinarian, he taught us about personal responsibility and he was a consistent provider.

I married a man who has the same qualities, and he is a great father to our children, and a great source of pleasure and wisdom to our grand children.  We are a close family, and all they express their appreciation to him regularly.  His example was one of stability, hard work, love and affection, and how to do have fun as well.

Our oldest grand daughter wrote this poem for him for his birthday a couple of years ago.

Learning From Grandpa

 We grew up in his barn, me and my best friend,

Our home away from most every weekend

He taught me a lot, more than he can know,

Like grooming the horses, and trimming their toes

And finding the best spot to dig up earth worms

All the important things for a fisherman to learn

Like baiting hooks, and tangled lines and netting the fish

You let us sing Black Socks as long as we wished.


I learned responsibility, chores always came first

Keep your animals free from hunger and thirst

And sit up straight in the saddle all day

Even when the joy of cow chasing has faded away


To leave the show with a warm hearted grin,

Even if you and your horse didn’t win

Because winning isn’t always a prize or blue ribbon

If your horse learned just one thing it was worth the time given


You’d come give me pointers when you didn’t have time,

Keep your heels down, your head up and jog in a straight line

You’d let us sleep over night after night,

Knowing Sassy wouldn’t foal ‘till the timing was right.


You let us come to watch you do what you’d do,

Letting us help out with chores or shovel horse doo

Calving the calves and breeding the mares

I learned more about reproduction than any kid dares


Being strong willed and hardy and not giving up

Even when that colt landed you on your butt

And cursing in ways I never imagined,

I grew up just like you, now could that happen?!


So thank you Grandpa for all that you’ve taught me

Without all that I’ve learned I don’t know who I’d be.


poem written by  Jennifer Jackson 

Wish all your fathers  HAPPY FATHERS DAY today and show them your affection often.  They will appreciate it greatly.  My husband reads this poem with love and happiness, knowing that he is cherished by his children and grand children and he has influenced their lives.

I haven’t blogged much lately and I am behind on six book reviews!–I’ve been totally involved in editing and working on my husbands memoir, which he is publishing through iUniverse.  It has many pictures in it, which verify his story, but that creates a lot of work.  After the manuscript was sent in we were told that all the pictures had to be taken out and place holders inserted. Of course you have to be careful to keep an accurate list of the placeholder numbers and the picture that goes in each spot, so the book is not chaos.

I recently had cataract surgery on my left eye and it hasn’t been a long enough period of time for my eye to adjust so I can get new glasses to compensate for the change yet; so it has been interesting!  Our good friends, Sharron and Mel Hynes were here this week. Sharron is much better at using Photoshop Pro 4X for correcting the pictures than I am, so she has taken over that project for me.

She is also a great editor and proof reader. She has been my “second pair of eyes”  for my novels Hearts At Risk and You Can Run, and now she is going to edit and proofread my husbands memoirs as well.  I will still have to reset the list of pictures and insert the “fixed” pictures , but I feel like I can breathe again!

Thank you to my good friend, Sharron Hynes!